How amazing is the #girlgang concept that the lovely Jemma aka Dorkface came up with! This is such a good idea for the blogging community to come together and discuss topics on Twitter, along with celebrating each others blogs, and spreading some kindness along the way. 

So I am proud to say that I'm part of the Girl Gang, and everyone should get involved, if you want to read Jemma's post explaining the full idea then click here. I hope you decide to join as I think it is an awesome idea! 


November Favourites and Special Announcement!

I cannot believe it’s the end of November already, it went so fast and now we are heading towards Christmas! So it is time to share with you my first monthly favourites…

       Benefit Big Easy foundation I love this especially cause it has BB cream in it which my skin really needs at this time of the year! Lets hope Santa picks up on my hints for some more! 

    One Directions fifth album, this has been on repeat the past two weeks and I truly thought they would not have been able to top Four, but Made in the AM may just do it! Even my boyfriend loves it and he is not one of their biggest fans! My favourite is definitely ‘If I could Fly’.


     On with the music theme, Justin Bieber’s new album, Purpose, is currently blaring through my MacBook! I've never really been a blieber but it might just happen, the time away has definitely done this boy good because this is the best stuff he has EVER released! My favourite is Love Yourself. 
    As you can tell by the picture I have looooved the Spiced Orange Yankee Candle, it is my favourite Autumn candle and has been constantly burning this month!

         Facemasks my skin is being pretty problematic at the moment, so I’ve been using different face masks to help clear my skin up and these Montage Jennese ones seem to be doing the trick!

     My Hunter wellies! I’ve been going on lots of walks with my little pug, Bella and I’ve not had these off, they are the best thing for all the muddy forests around me. Plus they are pink, and super comfy with big woolly socks! 


So as a way to really kick-start the festive season I thought that I would do BLOGMAS. It’s going to be a bit crazy with all my assignments for uni and work but I’m soooo excited and I’ve a lot of things planned for you guys. Plus you may see some festive changes on my blog too, I hope you enjoy!!

Live Lokai Bracelet

About seven months ago I was scrolling through Instagram, and I seen Ebony Day had posted a photo of this cool bracelet. I followed the tag and seen that the brand was called Live Lokai, scrolling through all the artistic pictures of people wearing the bracelets and it was on my wish list. Luckily for me my birthday was the next month!

The more I read on the website the more I loved the meaning behind the bracelet.
“Sometimes you’ve hit a low, stay hopeful. Sometimes you’re on top of the world, stay humble.”

It’s all about balance and the way every individual has a story that impacts their life, behaviour or attitude. With these bracelets the message is to find the balance between the good and bad times. I personally connect with the story that is spoken about by the creator, Steven Izen, that he created the bracelet and the message when Alzheimer’s disease impacted his family, something that I have also experienced. At the time of purchase for my bracelet 10% of profit was donated to a charity in conjunction with this disease. Currently 10% of the profits go to a variety of charities. 

My birthday came and my mum bought me the bracelet which was $18 she ordered it about a month before my birthday and the delivery said it would take up to 3 weeks to ship to the UK, it was here within 2 weeks which is amazing for US shipping.

The bracelets have been seen on lots of celebrities such as Kendal Jenner, Ashley Greene, Shay Mitchell and even Justin Bieber.

They are a cute little gift that is perfect for anyone, so I would definitely recommend this for Christmas they even have a special limited edition 5 pack perfect for your loved ones.

My Travel Wishlist before Graduation

We all have a dream destination we would rather be at than our current location, especially more so during these summer months when everyone is on holiday. So as a travel student, and someone who is full of wanderlust, I so no better fit than to blog the top four destinations I wish to go to within the next few years before I graduate! 

Los Angeles

The city famous for being the movie and television hub has to be one of my top places to visit being a TV/NETFLIX/ANY MOVIE AT ALL ADDICT obviously it does. There are so many attractions to visit here I really want to go next summer, especially when I celebrate my 21st Birthday :) 

From walking along Hollywood Boulevard to visiting the local beaches, the walk of fame, the Hollywood sign, and all the glamorous places to dine this really is a destination that has something for everyone. 

Not to mention the weather, and the odd chance of meeting someone famous this is my number one place to visit next!!  


I have always loved learning about Greece and its culture, and just looking at the pictures makes me envy anyone that has got to travel there. It is along the Cyclades Islands and is surrounded by the Aegean Sea with clear water along the Paradise beaches that are perfect for relaxing and sunbathing!! This island is also renown for its glamorous party life that is loved by world renown DJs which is another appeal for a music enthusiast like myself! 

This is another destination I plan on going to for a bit of TLC next summer!


Sydney has only recently became one of my places to visit within the next few years, the travel time has always been a bit of a put off for me when it comes to Australia as it takes twenty-four hours from the UK. However as my final assignments were being taught one of the places I had to research and write a report on was Sydney and I have fallen in love with the place through everything I’ve learnt. 

From Sydney Harbour, the bridge and iconic attractions like the Opera House there is so much to do or see, and just looking at these pictures show the beautiful scenery the large city has to offer! Not to mention it is also the home place of one of my favourite bands - 5 Seconds of Summer <3 

A trip here will be expensive, especially for a student but I really hope to go for a couple of weeks before I graduate :) 


A more closer destination within Europe for me to visit, and the main reason for this choice is for a chance to see the Northern Lights. To see the Northern Lights is on my bucket list and I was researching the best places to go to see them, maybe for a weekend break and Sweden kept creeping up. 

The more research I completed on the destination the more I want to visit, I mean they worship Pippi Longstocking, the words of their tourist website not mine, although they may be biased seeing as the author was Swedish! They have a lot of museums and attractions that are culturally and historically appealing, I also love the looks of the Gröna Lund amusement park!

So this for me is a must see city break destination!! :) 

Where are you dream places to visit in the next few years? 


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Hi guys

So this is my very first blog post, and I thought I'd just let you know what I have in store for the future. I've so many exciting posts planned that include; fashion reviews, lifestyle and beauty. 

I also have a lot of Christmas posts coming up as we prepare for the festive season! With trips out, gift ideas and beauty looks for those Christmas nights out!

If you have any ideas on posts I can do please let me know and follow me on all social media pages. 


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