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About seven months ago I was scrolling through Instagram, and I seen Ebony Day had posted a photo of this cool bracelet. I followed the tag and seen that the brand was called Live Lokai, scrolling through all the artistic pictures of people wearing the bracelets and it was on my wish list. Luckily for me my birthday was the next month!

The more I read on the website the more I loved the meaning behind the bracelet.
“Sometimes you’ve hit a low, stay hopeful. Sometimes you’re on top of the world, stay humble.”

It’s all about balance and the way every individual has a story that impacts their life, behaviour or attitude. With these bracelets the message is to find the balance between the good and bad times. I personally connect with the story that is spoken about by the creator, Steven Izen, that he created the bracelet and the message when Alzheimer’s disease impacted his family, something that I have also experienced. At the time of purchase for my bracelet 10% of profit was donated to a charity in conjunction with this disease. Currently 10% of the profits go to a variety of charities. 

My birthday came and my mum bought me the bracelet which was $18 she ordered it about a month before my birthday and the delivery said it would take up to 3 weeks to ship to the UK, it was here within 2 weeks which is amazing for US shipping.

The bracelets have been seen on lots of celebrities such as Kendal Jenner, Ashley Greene, Shay Mitchell and even Justin Bieber.

They are a cute little gift that is perfect for anyone, so I would definitely recommend this for Christmas they even have a special limited edition 5 pack perfect for your loved ones.

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