DIY Christmas Place Settings | BLOGMAS DAY 22

At Christmas time I love getting a little bit creative, and I usually make Christmas cards for all my family. However, this year I thought I'd try something different, so I'm going to make place settings for everyone for when we are having our lovely Christmas dinner! 

Things you will need: 

Card (Enough for the amount of people you need)
Glue (Can be pritstick, double sided tape or anything that holds)
Decorative paper (mine is from paperchase) 
Coloured pens
Decoration (stickers, stars, festive shapes - anything you want) 

So start by taking a piece of card cut them to whatever length you need, then fold it in half. 

Once you've done this for all your place settings, (you can also do them to whatever size you want) choose which piece of decorative paper you would like to use, you can mix them up or stay the same. 

Then you should cut them to fit your card, then glue them on.

Leave them to dry for a couple of minutes, during this time you can use any scrap bits of card to cut into shape, to write the persons name on. Also there is one random pink one for my niece, as it is her first Christmas so I wanted hers to be a bit different.

Then you can glue the name tags on to your card, then choose which stickers or decorations you want to put on them. Once again you can do everyones different like me or keep them the same. 

Then your end result should look something like this...

Hope some of you's try this out tag me in pictures if you do.

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