Favourite Christmas Bloggers & Vloggers | BLOGMAS DAY 8

Another one of my favourite things about the month of December is Vlogmas and Blogmas! I love coming home from work or uni, lying in bed with a mug of hot chocolate watching my favourite YouTube stars, and reading my favourite blogs. So I thought I'd share with you my favourite people to watch or read this Christmas.. 


Becky Brown - Her blogmas has me hooked every morning deffo worth a snoop!

Poppy Deyes - She had an awesome Black Friday post, and has some Christmas posts coming up, and I just love her blog in general tbh!

Emily Canham - Emily is the reason I started a blog, and I love her gift idea posts, plus her vlogmas has me hooked too!

Zoe Sugg (Zoella) - Love her blog, and her Christmas posts are amazing, not to mention her vlogmas and 24 Days of Zoella!

A Little Rosy (Becky) - I love these beauty blogmas posts, her blog is Awesome!!


Anna Saccone Joly - Annas  vlogmas varries from everything and I love it, she's just an inspiration to me at the minute. 

Tanya Burr - I love Tanya, and I'm so glad she is doing blogmas, I find her so funny and she always gives amazing tips, also I have her advent calendar and I love seeing her open it on camera.

I covet thee - Only in the past month have I discovered Alix, I'm obsessed with her blog and YouTube channel. Her honest opinions and down to earth attitude is brillant, plus her blogmas has been mainly travelling so its fun to watch!

These two aren't really doing blogmas but I love their Christmas videos, check them out as they are so helpful - Eve Bennett and Alexa Mae.

If there is any other bloggers or vloggers you think I'd enjoy let me know :) 


  1. Wowee, thank you so much Courtney for the mention. Means a lot!
    I would also like to apologise for not uploading posts for the past three days for Blogmas, work has become a bit hectic to say the least and I still need to fit in my Christmas shopping - Eek!!
    To rectify, I hope you don't mind if I post three/four posts in one day ;)
    Thanks again, and I'll see you around :) x

    1. No problem chick, been loving the posts! Trust me I know how it feels, I'm usually catching up on a couple of posts a day anyway! Have fun with the rest of Blogmas :) x

  2. love zoe, tanya and alix! sunbeamsjess is my fave :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Oh I will have to check her out, thanks :) x


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