Favourite Christmas Childhood Memory | BLOGMAS DAY 6

I can’t be precise but I’m pretty sure it was 2006 and I was 11 years old, it was the only year that I can remember ever having a white Christmas. As if the prospect of snow wasn’t exciting enough, that year I got some pretty awesome presents and my little brother got a Spiderman motorbike it was pretty awesome!

I don’t know why this is stand out or a even my favourite childhood memory of Christmas but all I can remember is all the kids in my street having snowball fights plating with our new toys and having so much fun, and I was whizzing around on my new wheelies (yup I was that cool).

The best thing about this specific year though was my whole family (which was broken at the time) spending Christmas night together watching movies and having fun, especially as we had gone through such a difficult year, but we were together and as I’ve mentioned before that’s all that matters!

Whats your favourite Christmas childhood memory? 

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