Favourite Christmas TV adverts | BLOGMAS DAY 3

As we all know a special part of the exciting build up to Christmas is that magical moment when the adverts first appear on our TVs in November, so I thought as part of blogmas I’d let you guys know what my favourites are this year!

Let’s start with the biggy, possibly the most popular here in the UK the John Lewis Advert! Now I knew before the ad even came out that nothing was going to beat last years Monty advert (Still getting emosh thinking about it!) but this one is just as emotionally powerful. I’m not even afraid to admit I cried, and the message is so true especially at this time of year, plus I love how the song used in the background is originally an Oasis song, but the Aurora version is sooo good too!!

The Spanish lottery  ad is also an emotional one and at first I was a bit confused but it is actually so cute, and heart warming! It kind of reiterates the message that John Lewis were saying, show love to those who don’t have it this Christmas.

The classic Coca-Cola Christmas advert is a sure sign its Christmas, especially seeing that big Coca-Cola lorry! I’m also super excited because its coming to Belfast this year so look out for pictures for that! The newer advert they have also released this year is amazing too.

Another one that surprised me this year was the Sainsburys ad! ‘Mog’s Christmas  Calamity’ make me giggle, feel sad and then happy all within the space of 3 minutes! Well done Sainsburys you’ve really outdone yourself!

My absolute favourite, that wasn’t an emotional one is for Celebrations. It made me giggle, and it just felt a fun, light hearted advert. Truthfully it reminded me of Toy Story!!

Another lighthearted one that got me singing along was the McDonalds advert, it actually reminded me of my own family even though we are a lot older than the children in the ad lol!

What has been your favourite ad this Christmas season?

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