Festive Lush Haul | BLOGMAS DAY 20

I have a slight obsession with Lush, and I was so excited for all the Christmas products to come out, so why not have a festive lush haul! I actually bought all this stuff ages ago, I just haven't had time to write the post until now so here we goooooo...

First up is the Luxury Lush Pud, this bath bomb smells absolutely gorgeous not to mention how cute it is. Also the colours it created in the bath were so cool! Love this. 

Up next is the Father Christmas bath bomb. This one smells so much like candy floss, also a bit has broken off so I can see the inside which is green! That was totally unexpected, I am saving this one for Christmas Eve so I can't show you anything that it's like in the bath but the pictures on the Lush website make me excited for it!!

This next item is the Bubblegum Lip Scrub. This was at the tills, and the smell is what sold it to me! I use this in the morning, at nighttime and when I'm just out of the bath, it's kind of like an exfoliator. 

This one is the Magic Wand bubble bar, and it smells just like Christmas! It's also super cute, and it really looks festive with the bow and bell. The actual wand stick is a cinnamon stick which I thought was a nice little addition. I have used this and it made my bath smell really like almonds, although I do have to be really careful with the wand now when reusing it because it's going to fall off which isn't the best!

This bubble bar is the Pepping Santa. Again you can reuse this one and I really like this, it smells so fresh and makes lots of bubbles and turns the bath red. It looks like a little macaroon! LOL this will also be featuring in a future Blogmas post ;) 

Next is the Candy Mountain bubble bar. I love these kind of scents, really sweet and bubblegum like! Plus this is super cute, I can't wait t use it and see how it turns out in the bath. 

Lastly, is something that I stock up on every Christmas when it's realised, Snow Fairy shower gel. This smells just like Candy Mountain, it is super nice! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Any other Lush products you think I'd like let me know in comments!


  1. You have literally bought my favourite lush products ever !!! I love each and every single thing ! There is nothing better than going into Lush and picking out all the special goodies !


    1. Great minds think alike and all that ;) I know, I think I have an addiction! xx


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