My 2016 Roundup

In ways I cannot believe that this year is over, and in ways I can. I don't know if it's because I want to say goodbye to the bad things that happened this year, or if it has genuinely flown by? I may have started this on a negative note, wishing to say goodbye but a few good things has happened this year that I'm pretty grateful for. So I thought I'd share with all of you what I loved about this year. 

My relationship 

It may sound pretty soppy but this was the best thing to happen to me this year, I truly have met my soulmate. (Boke, I know) He's been my rock through some of the hardest things and has been my partner in crime for the rest, I cannot wait to share so many more memories with him and enjoy the upcoming year with him. 

My Family & Friends

I'm always thankful for all the people I have in my life, but this year especially I've had to lean on them more than ever. At times we may be sad when we reduce in numbers, but then we're happy when we multiply. Yes we have had deaths and births, and all the emotions in between but it makes us love and be grateful for each other even more. Plus my friends although they may be a small collective they may as well be family because they get me as much I get them, and I wouldn't have laughed as much this year without them. 

My Health

Now some of you who have been reading my blog for a while may be wondering while I'm grateful for this considering all the hassle I've had this year, and first time readers may be wondering what I'm babbling on about. Basically this year I've been in and out of hospital and dealing with old health issues that are pretty serious, but at the moment everything is under control and being well monitored, and finally looking up. So this is why I'm grateful because I'm still here and ticking on strong!

My Blog

This little thing I decided to start one day, has now became so important to me. I've celebrated the first birthday this year, gained so many views it still shocks me, and worked with brands and I'm still continuing to grow.

My Travels

This year was the first I was allowed to fly in so long, and I well and truly took advantage of this. I went on three holidays, two of which where to brand new places I've never been too. My main highlight was Paris we went here on a couples holiday - our first and it was just amazing to be in the city of love. 

So that's just some of the stand out stuff that I'm grateful for this year, I've so many exciting things coming up in 2017 and I can't wait to share them with you! Happy New Year 😘

Winter Night Time Routine

6:00 pm | Dinner Time
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My parents sometimes make me a dinner, or I will make something like I did on this night. I made myself a salad for dinner as I went out for lunch and just wanted something light, although my favourite meal in Autumn is soup!

7:00 pm | Cleansing Time

At night time I love running a hot bath with an added dose of relaxation with a little product from Lush. While in the bath I will be watching either Netflix or YouTube and just take some time to relax, while my favourite candle is burning.

8:00 pm | Final Pamper 

Most nights when I wash my hair, I let it dry naturally as I've curly hair and it just sits better the next day. I will also do my skincare routine (blog post coming soon) get changed into my pjs, and then go to my room and relax on my bed. 

9:00 pm | Chilling and Relaxing time
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When I'm in my room I'll be watching TV, currently my favourite show is Grey's Anatomy. During this time I'll also be on Twitter and reading some blog posts, or replying to comments on my latest post. Usually every night, my boyfriend and I will FaceTime too, other times I might be working on assignments for University.

11:00 pm | Sleep

I always try and go to sleep at this time, however sometimes I tend to stay up uber late and I'm exhausted the next day - not the best of choices. 

So that is my evening routine for these darker nights, let me know what you get up too.

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms | Christmas Gift Guide

If you're looking for a stocking filler, a small gift for a friend or a little pre-Christmas treat for yourself then this is the perfect luxury gift to get! They do say all the best things come in small packages, and Charlotte Tilbury really has delivered with this trio set of Mini Lipstick Charms.

This Christmas set is £29.00 and perfect for a luxury gift for your loved ones. You get three of my favourite shades from the brand...

Penelope Pink

So Marilyn

Bitch Perfect

All these shades are so pretty and it's a cute little gift that any beauty lover will adore, I mean who doesn't get excited at the sight of Charlotte Tilbury packaging?

So I hope this helps you if you're stuck for a little gift idea, they really are lovely lipsticks.


I am obsessed with polaroids, so way last year when I stumbled across the brand LALALAB on Instagram, I fell in love. They have an awesome app that can allow us all to choose our favourite photos and turn them in to polaroids for such affordable prices. 

As the brand has grown, their products have expanded so you can now purchase Photobooks, Calendar, Magnets, Canvas, Postcards, Posters and Frames. 

Another new item they sell, that I've discovered this year is the LALABOX. I think this would be a great Christmas Present for your friends or family. 

Inside you get 36 photos, which you can make into polaroids or keep as normal photos. It comes in this cute little box and I think it is just a nice gift to bulk up a present, or as one sentimental gift for someone  I think it shows the personal touch. 

If you want to get this LALABOX or any other products from the brand, then you can use my discount code -  PGJEPKPD to get £5.00 off. 

If you get this as a gift for someone, or as a gift for yourself, send me pictures and let me see what you got and how you use them!

Staying on top...

Sometimes I think people think blogging is a doddle, just slap a few pictures there and type some words and boom it's done. That's why I roll my eyes when the same people say, "Oh it's just a hobby don't stress that you don't have time." Yes, this may have started out as a hobby but now, I see it as another job,  I'm not an amazing blogger and I certainly don't make enough money that would signify me making this a full time job - but some can dream

So that's why I get peeved when people state that this is a hobby, when I work my ass of to juggle everything, and I know I'm not the only blogger who has these struggles. So I thought I would share with you some of the tips that help me when everything gets a little bit overwhelming.

Planning Ahead

Having a dairy/planner is crucial in my everyday life and I think everyone can take advantage of this. Having this on hand is so easy as you can pop them in your bag, and it means you can stay on top of your schedule and avoid conflicts in appointments wether your at home or out. I always write in any deadlines for university and my blog in advance, then I can plan the rest of the things in my week as I get closer to it.

To Do Lists

When I have a day off I will grab one of my notepads and list everything I have to get done in that day. Sometimes when I've made the list I will rewrite it in order of importance, this is usually when I have lots to do and then I'm being realistic that I might not get them all done, but the high priority ones will be.


This is my key tip, as I'm in university, juggling a part time job, managing my blog and trying to have a social life, I need to understand how some things have to come before others. Which I must admit can be a struggle as I'm a workaholic and don't like letting anyone down, but everyone has to be realistic, so university for me should always come first it's my education and then I try to fit everything else in around it.

Inbox Zero

Emails are a part of everyday life for the majority of the population, and I must say no matter how it easy it is to keep ignoring them and letting them build up, I just can't! I'm one of those people who likes to be aware of everything, and have plenty of notice on deadlines, so you will never see 5678 unread emails on any of my accounts. (Although my boyfriend like this is to much to my dismay!) It's best to pick a time in the day which is devoted completely to email, personally I always do this at about 6pm every night then reply and can sleep peacefully knowing I'm on top.

These are just some things I do to make life a little bit more simpler for me, I hope some of these may help you! Let me know some things you do in the comments.

Christmas Gift Guide for Girls

It's that time of year again when we're thinking of what to get our loved ones for Christmas, so I thought I'd make a few Christmas Gift Guides for all those people who need some inspiration, and as you can see from the title this first guide is for Girls.  This post is in collaboration with The Lifestyle Blogger


I have a 20% discount code for any product bought from the Boutique of Molly website, there is some gorgeous stuff there - COURTSWORLD20

Image result for Basil & Neroli Home Candle

So that is just a few ideas of Christmas presents for any females in your life this year! Make sure you check out 🎅

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