I love reading posts like this as I feel I know the blogger a bit better, so maybe its time for you to know me better, here are some random facts about me...

1. My Full Name is Courtney Victoria Hanna.

2. Three Biggest Fears are death, anything related to claustrophobia and spiders.

3. I've never done drugs.

4. I love dogs, specifically pugs!

5. I have two brothers, one older and one younger.

6. My biggest pet peeve is liars. 

7. My favourite season is spring and fall (Can't pick just one).

8. I have asthma.

9. I'm the fussiest eater you will ever meet!

10. I am 4 ft and 11 inches and 3/4 tall (The 3/4 count big time) LOL.

11. I subconsciously bit my nails. :( 

12.  I have split my head open three times in the same place hence my big scar on my forehead. 

13. I have size 3 feet, mainly size 2 which is cool cause I get to wear kids shoes, which are cheaper!

14. My favourite movie is really hard to decide but probably The Notebook. 

15. I can't drive (hoping to change this soon). 

16. When I'm older I'd like 4 children.

17. My celebrity crush is Theo James.

18. My favourite TV show is also hard to decide as I love so many but Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill are stand outs.

19. Someone I miss is my nanny :'(

20. I have my ears and belly button pierced. 

21. I confess that I get really self conscious easily. 

22. My birthday is the 14th June 1995. 

23. I prefer swimming pools than the beach. 

24. My favourite quote is,"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game".

25. My lucky number is 6. 

Let me know a random fact about you in the comments, and some of you may even do this tag on your blog link me it so I can know you better! 


This weeks Monday Motivation post is  all about the fitness fashion! I mean who says you can't look good when you work out? ;) Personally I love wearing leggings or yoga pants, a sports bra and a baggy top. The picture below was me last week feeling like pure crap, but I made the effort to pick myself up and go for a run and clear my head, which worked!

So I have put together three different outfits that can be bought from all the  high street stores to help inspire the fitness section in your wardrobePlus many items are currently in the sale as January is the month when everyone aims to get fit, so stores click on to the trend, some of these items are complete bargain! 

Choice 1

USA Pro Leggings - £12.99

Lonsdale Crop Top (Sports Bra) - £6.50

Choice 2

Choice 3

So these are just some outfits that I would mix and match bits with, let me know whats your go to sports look in the comments. 

Ps. It's nearly been a month already! Don't give up guys 😘

Kate Moss Nude Lipstick & Lip Conditioning Balm Review

A few weeks ago I saw a video on the Glamour YouTube channel featuring Samantha Chapman, talking about the latest Kate Moss Nude collection for Rimmel. The video really made me want to try out the lipsticks especially the lip conditioning balm. 

So here is my review on the lipsticks I got...

The lip conditioning balm, which is said to give up to 8 hour moisturization could also work  as a really good lip primer. I do suffer from dry lips so I was quite excited to try this and see what all the fuss was about! It is very hydrating and was working really well as a primer for the actual lipstick, however I wouldn't say it is moisturizing for the full 8 hours!

 I got the nude shade in 42, I wanted a paler nude and this one was very pretty when I swatched it in the store. It's the palest nude I've ever worn and I love it! It's so easy for everyday use, but I can build it up so I can wear it for nights out too along with a smokey eye. 

However, I do need to reapply it a few times a day which is the norm with a lot of lipstick so I can't complain too much! I do think it lasts longer when I wear it with a lipliner. 

Overall I think this collection is really pretty and allows for a sleek look, and I can't wait to buy more of the shades, along with the nail varnishes that are part of this collection.

If any of you guys have tried out these lipsticks in different shades let me know in the comments below, so I can decide which one I'll be buying next.

MAC Haul

For Christmas I got a lot of MAC vouchers and money, so of course what other way to spend it than on a full list of goodies from one of my favourite make up brands. So I spent a lot of time researching some of the best products they have at the minute and deciding wether things I've had on my wish list are actually good, and worth the money. 

So here are the products I decided to get... 

Crème Cup Lipstick

I seen this in a video  by FreddyMyLove and fell in love with the colour it's so pretty and I think it will be nice for Spring/Summer!  

Prep + Prime Fix Spray

I've seen a lot of people commenting on this, and I thought I'd give it a try as I haven't been able to find a good primer that works with my skin. So fingers crossed!! 

Pro Longwear Concealer

Once again everyone has raved about this and I love the concealors that I currently have but I want to try this, and a lot of people use it as under eye highlight so I could use it for that.

Amber Lights Eye shadow

This colour is soooo stunning, I've wanted it for ages and just never got round to it. I can't wait to use it, plus it's so much more vibrant in person.

I can't wait to try all these products out, and I'm sure some of them could possibly feature in up coming favourites. Any other Mac products you think I'd like or if you tried these ones out let me know in comments! 


Anna Saccone-Joly has been a big inspiration in my pursuit on becoming healthier and fitter, I started watching her videos nearly two years ago now. Over the past year specifically, anyone who watches the Saccone-Joly daily vlogs will have seen Anna's 'health kick'.

Her body has been transformed and not in a way where she was overweight before, as she was a healthy size, but as Anna has explained she'd has two children and felt like she was ready to get her body how she'd like it. 

So with many healthy 'What I ate Wednesdays' where Anna did the right thing in allowing herself to still have treats (many of which she baked herself) and gym sessions the fitness began. A short while later she met Lucy Wyndham-Read who is a fitness guru with her own YouTube fitness channel along with her fitness blog.  The pair struck up a great working relationship, and a friendship which is easy to see, as they posted videos and blog posts to inspire the rest of us!

Anna is brilliant at updating us on her body becoming more toned and she's completed the process in a sensible manner and not used any drastic methods to get fit. Below is her Fitness Journey video which is very inspiring, and explains all of why she's done this. 

On her own YouTube channel Anna has documented some of her workouts, fitness tips and Q&As with Lucy. She also documents her transformation pictures on her blog and Instagram

I have started using some of these workout videos and tips to improve my own fitness journey. Also by following these two on social media I find it really inspiring and motivating to keep going on the days where I really just want to pig out and not exercise. If you haven't already checked them out then you definitely should as they are amazing! 

I hope you enjoyed this motivationalmonday post, let me know how you're getting on in the comments. 

Lil Burton Review & GIVEAWAY!

At the beginning of December I received a delivery from Lil Burton with this lovely make up bag, full of brushes from their brand. Straight away I was happy because I have a slight obsession with make up brushes, so this was more to add to my collection. 

Also the brushes were all packaged so well, and the make up bag is perfect for most handbag sizes. Below is my make up using only these brushes, which was possible cause I got the full set!

All of the brushes are soooo soft, and they feel smooth when applying make up on your face. I am not very good at using beauty blenders but I actually found this one quite easy to use, as I applied 'blobs' of foundation in random parts of my face and used it to blend out. 

I love the size of the concealer brush as it allows me to blend in more smaller areas, plus it was pretty good at blending in around the eyes. I don't personally think the powder brush is the best for allover application as I prefer a larger brush, but using it to set the concealer under my eyes allows it to be the perfect size.

The blush brush is brilliant probably my favourite of the base brushes as it is angled and allows easy application. The little dome brush (that's what I'm calling it anyway lol) I used as a contour brush and it worked pretty well and actually allowed my Hoola bronzer to be applied a lot more darker which I prefer.

I love the range of eyeshadow brushes in the set, and I love how each of the brushes tell you on them what specifically they do. My favourite would be the 'crease' brush as it's so good at creating the perfect smokey eye!

So overall I would say these brushes are the perfect set to start your collection, plus they are the best to pop in your handbag so they are always with you on the go! 

Now the bit your probably all waiting for, how to get your hands on your own set. Follow these three simple rules: 

Follow me on Twitter - courtsworld_x

Favourite and Retweet this Tweet

Then comment on this post letting me know you've completed all the requirements.

I will be checking to make sure all these are done, and you have till Sunday 31st January at 9pm (GMT) to enter, so GOOD LUCK :)

Hope you all enjoyed this post, good luck with the competition!

© Courtney Hanna

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