I love reading posts like this as I feel I know the blogger a bit better, so maybe its time for you to know me better, here are some random facts about me...

1. My Full Name is Courtney Victoria Hanna.

2. Three Biggest Fears are death, anything related to claustrophobia and spiders.

3. I've never done drugs.

4. I love dogs, specifically pugs!

5. I have two brothers, one older and one younger.

6. My biggest pet peeve is liars. 

7. My favourite season is spring and fall (Can't pick just one).

8. I have asthma.

9. I'm the fussiest eater you will ever meet!

10. I am 4 ft and 11 inches and 3/4 tall (The 3/4 count big time) LOL.

11. I subconsciously bit my nails. :( 

12.  I have split my head open three times in the same place hence my big scar on my forehead. 

13. I have size 3 feet, mainly size 2 which is cool cause I get to wear kids shoes, which are cheaper!

14. My favourite movie is really hard to decide but probably The Notebook. 

15. I can't drive (hoping to change this soon). 

16. When I'm older I'd like 4 children.

17. My celebrity crush is Theo James.

18. My favourite TV show is also hard to decide as I love so many but Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill are stand outs.

19. Someone I miss is my nanny :'(

20. I have my ears and belly button pierced. 

21. I confess that I get really self conscious easily. 

22. My birthday is the 14th June 1995. 

23. I prefer swimming pools than the beach. 

24. My favourite quote is,"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game".

25. My lucky number is 6. 

Let me know a random fact about you in the comments, and some of you may even do this tag on your blog link me it so I can know you better! 


  1. Wowzers with splitting your head open :0 Gonna be a great story to tell your future kids.
    My random fact is loving both spring and fall also


    1. I know :O I was pretty young so can't remember the full trauma lol! Thats good :)


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