Anna Saccone-Joly has been a big inspiration in my pursuit on becoming healthier and fitter, I started watching her videos nearly two years ago now. Over the past year specifically, anyone who watches the Saccone-Joly daily vlogs will have seen Anna's 'health kick'.

Her body has been transformed and not in a way where she was overweight before, as she was a healthy size, but as Anna has explained she'd has two children and felt like she was ready to get her body how she'd like it. 

So with many healthy 'What I ate Wednesdays' where Anna did the right thing in allowing herself to still have treats (many of which she baked herself) and gym sessions the fitness began. A short while later she met Lucy Wyndham-Read who is a fitness guru with her own YouTube fitness channel along with her fitness blog.  The pair struck up a great working relationship, and a friendship which is easy to see, as they posted videos and blog posts to inspire the rest of us!

Anna is brilliant at updating us on her body becoming more toned and she's completed the process in a sensible manner and not used any drastic methods to get fit. Below is her Fitness Journey video which is very inspiring, and explains all of why she's done this. 

On her own YouTube channel Anna has documented some of her workouts, fitness tips and Q&As with Lucy. She also documents her transformation pictures on her blog and Instagram

I have started using some of these workout videos and tips to improve my own fitness journey. Also by following these two on social media I find it really inspiring and motivating to keep going on the days where I really just want to pig out and not exercise. If you haven't already checked them out then you definitely should as they are amazing! 

I hope you enjoyed this motivationalmonday post, let me know how you're getting on in the comments. 


  1. Thanks once again for the motivation, I am just getting ready for a run so this was great to see beforehand!

    Also I am now following your blog on Bloglovin so we can stay in touch, so feel free to check out mine :)

    Claudia |

    1. Glad it helped! :) Yes I'm following yours too, thank you. Hope you have a good day lovely x


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