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So yes January is that time of the year when we all decide to step away from the chocolate that we over indulged on over Christmas, and get fitter. So I thought that I would share some fitness tips I've picked up on over the past few years and motivation for those days when we think that chocolate is the better option! 

First things first,a little bit of motivation. These 3 quotes help me a lot when I keep feeling like "Oh I can just start on Monday again!" I think we are all a bit guilty of that, but not anymore!

Also seeing fact pictures really gives me a reality shock about how my unhealthy lifestyle can be impacting my body. Also some of these other fact pictures are really good ways to ensure that we can stick to the health plans we make at the beginning of the year.

Some tips that I think our helpful for staying motivated when working out are: 
  1. Having an inspirational quote as your screensaver on your phone, laptop tablet anything you look at a lot. This will give you a little bit of encouragement to keep going or even get started. 
  2. Plan ahead. This can be about what you will have to eat or when you can schedule in time to exercise. Using a planner will be helpful for things like this. 
  3. Not denying yourself the odd treat now and again, wether it be a kinder maxi bar every Friday or a small popcorn when your at the cinema. 
  4. Keep going, the feeling to give up is overwhelming sometimes, but just think how amazing you feel after the workout. 
  5. Take pictures, documenting your progress makes you feel so much more proud as you can see how far you've come!

I've decided along with my Sunday and Wednesday posts, I will be completing a new blog series - MONDAY MOTIVATION.  I might only do this for the month of January or maybe even longer, but I think it will be a good way that we can all motivate each other not to give up and share tips on things that help us to eat more healthily or to keep exercising. 

So stay tuned for that, and if you have anything else you think is good for motivation, let me know in the comments. 


  1. Thanks for sending me your blog link on twitter! Lovely blog - this post is pretty helpful to! My diet starts today (sat eating a banana for breakfast as we speak haha!) I have literally saved all them pics! Xx

  2. No problem :) Thank you! Aww that's brill, check out my new post on my fitness routine if you fancy?! The pictures are great motivation I think! xx


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