New Years Resolution

It's that time again when everyone is planning the resolutions, but I really feel like they motivate us all to at least try and achieve something. I've ever set myself serious resolutions so I've never completed them, this year I plan to change that, so here is my four for 2016...

Healthier Lifestyle 
Over the past three years there has been a lot of things that has 'dimmed my light' and really got me down, this includes serious health problems, and just 'crappy' times in my personal life. Due to my illness I have really gained weight and this is due to medication I was on until recently, and then I just kind of comfort ate while feeling sorry for myself (not the best thing to do). I know everyone has insecurities about their body but I want to embrace my body and feel proud, so yeah I'm jumping on the January fitness bandwagon. Starting with healthy eating, and me sticking to all my fitness plans that I use to enjoy, so I do ask you if I start to waver to remind me of the sad insecure girl writing this post, cause I don't want to be her anymore. 

My fitness motivation is the babe that is Michelle Keegan, I have lots of holidays planned this year, and this picture in a white bikini is my holiday body motivation. She is a total BABE! 

Better Blog
I only started my blog two months ago, and I am happy with the content I have so far, I was really proud of myself for completing all of Blogmas. Now the main goal is to ensure I have the best content possible, I have a lot of self doubt in wether or not people are going to like what I write, but I'm doing this blog for me and if people enjoy it then it makes it a whole lot better! I've already started planning all my posts along with my schedule of uploading which will be every Sunday and Wednesday at 5pm :) Any feedback that you guys have on how I can make my blog better will be really appreciated too!

Pass my Driving Test
So as I previously mentioned I was pretty sick for a while, which meant I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things including driving. So I had to put of my test, and now I'm allowed to learn again so this is an important goal of the year as I need to pass asap!

Travel more
Some of you may have seen one of my first posts of places I want to visit before I graduate. I really want to achieve so it's about time I get my bum in to gear, as I'm allowed to fly again, and plans are already underway. Trips with my university, for my 21st and just relaxing holiday are being planned all over Europe, so look out for blog posts revolving that. Also I bought a Travelogue a couple of months ago and I'm using it to help fill my wanderlust emotions.

So yeah these are some of the things I want to achieve for 2016, let me know some of your resolutions in the comments. I hope 2016 is getting off to a brilliant start for you all!


  1. Ah, just having a good old stalk of your blog - you've got some really great, varied and motivational content, I love it :}

    Some great resolutions here - one of my goals for this year is to definitely blog better and travel more - I want to really live and see the world this year :} Best of luck with everything you're aspiring to do <3

    N xx


    1. Awk thank you lovely :) travelling is amazing, I think it's good for inspiration too! Thank you, all best to you too! xx


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