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January may be the start of the New Year, but for some of us it also signals the start of the Exam Period. YAY :( So this post is going to be some tips I've picked up over the past 6 or so years of doing exams that some of you may find useful!
Make a timetable that allows you to write you exam dates in and plan revision times. You may also use a planner for this if you own one. Organisation is key when it comes to revision, and planning ahead will help you when having a clear mind to revise, especially if you have more than one exam this month!
PS. You can find lots of free printable timetables online. 

Ask your teachers or tutors for any additional resources that may help you when revising. For example, test papers, study books or websites that may have useful facts to help remember things relating to your topic. Also asking them to mark practice papers you have completed is very useful as they can tell you what exactly you've done wrong which will help for the future.


Create posters that have mind maps on certain topics and then you can use them to revise from. Make sure they are colourful, as this will be more appealing to your eyes, also putting them up around your room will be useful so you can see them a lot.

Schedule breaks in your plans or timetables. You need time to absorb the information you've learnt, and your brain needs a break!

Using these mini revision cards (you can buy or make your own) means you can take them everywhere with you. Which will allow you to revise anywhere and at anytime. I find this helpful for on the bus, or just before exams when your outside waiting to be seated. 

Eliminating all distractions is important, I put my phone on 'DO NOT DISTURB' mode so I get no notifications during my revision time, this is just the same as turning your phone off, if it doesn't have that function. 
Also finding a room somewhere that gives you peace, for me this is my spare room/office area. I also find listening to music as a motivation, some people may find this as a distraction and won't use this method. However, for me it's a calming technique and sometimes also helps me remember important facts such as dates.

I'm no expert when it comes to things like this, these are just some things I personally find useful that may help some of you. If you have any tips let me know in the comments, and I wish you all good luck with your studying and exams!

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