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So this week it's a short #MondayMotivation post, and I'm focusing on my problem area - the legs. Eugh, when it's leg day I just want to stay in bed and avoid the gym, but that's never going to result in any changes! 

I found this picture online, and as it's called 'Six months to Sexy legs!'  These are the 8 steps you have to do:
  1. 20 Downward-dog, leg lift to knee tuck. (10 each leg)
  2. 30 Lunge Knee hops (15 each leg) 
  3. 30 Roundhouse Squat kicks (15 each leg)
  4. 30 Suma squat knee up (15 each leg)
  5. 30 Plank leg lifts (15 each leg)
  6. 20 Tip-toe squats
  7. 15 burpees
  8. 30 pistol squats (15 each leg) 
So I'm starting this today, and its a routine you can do anywhere which is brilliant and I'm hoping that in six months time I have those sexy legs I want! 

We can do it guys!! :D

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