March Birchbox

By now many of you should know I'm obsessed with the company Birchbox, and I've got a monthly subscription to get some little beauty treats! This month's box was possibly one of my favourites in the nine months I've been getting them. If you're looking for a company to get monthly subscription with I really recommend Birchbox, I shopped around a bit and this was definitely the best. Plus they have so many good offers and packages choices that it's hard not to find a bargain! 

So here is what I got..

ModelCo - More Brows

This little beauty was a full sized product valued at £13, and I have been wanting to purchase a brow gel for ages, so this was the perfect opportunity to try one out and see if I liked this particular brand. The end result is me loving it, as someone who has unruly eyebrows (no matter how hard I try!) this product really tamed them and helped frame my face, and make my brows look nice for once! LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE! 

Polaar - Polar Night Cream

When I seen this cream part of me felt, a night cream I don't think I need one of them yet, then my mum pointed out how my sleeping pattern had been very irregular at the moment and this could actually help. So I gave it a try, as I do with everything in my boxes, and I just massaged the cream into my face and neck before bed. 

I can honestly say I was very pessimistic as to wether it would work or not, but it really did. I got my first full nights sleep in over a week, I've been using this tester so regularly that it's already nearly ran out, so I've ordered a full sized one. This product is £32 for full sized but at the moment it's really helping me out, so it's definitely worth the price.

ARROW BOOST - Color Enhancing lip balm

Last time I reviewed my Birchbox, the organisation had launched their own beauty range  - L.O.C. and they have only gone and done it again, with this new brand ARROW. This is the first product from the range, and I loooooove it, I seriously need more stuff from it! This lipbalm is magic (quite literally) it is super moisturising and adapts to every individuals pH to create a unique colour. Plus this is a vegan free brand which is really good, and I can recommend this to a few of my friends who live this lifestyle.

Amika - Nourishing Mask

My hairdresser and I were actually discussing this product the last time I was there, and I really wanted to try it out, but just forgot about it. So when I seen this was in my box I was thrilled, as I have blonde ombre in my hair it does tend to dry up when I need my next appointment, so this will be fun to use and see if it's worth all the hype, and I'll let you know! 

Indeed Labs - Hydraluron moisture boosting mask 

I actually got one of the Indeed Lab masks in a previous Birchbox and loved it so I'm super excited to try this mask, as it's really good for dry skin which I have a lot of at the moment, so hopefully this is the TLC my skin needs at the moment. 
And my Beauty Bonus was...

Regenerate - Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste
This is a whitening toothpaste which is super exciting as I love anything that will help whiten my teeth! Plus this is the perfect size toothpaste for if your travelling so this will come in handy on my holidays! I'll let you guys know what my opinion on this is, and if it actually does the trick!

So it was a really good box this month, let me know if you guys get Birchbox or have tried out any of these products. 

Let's be honest..

Today I'm writing this with a heavy heart. I honestly didn't know wether I was going to address these things on my blog, but I thought about why I started this blog, it's my personal outlet. Even if I write this post, and don't publish it I think it will make me feel better, kind of like a Dear Dairy post. 

This is a life update, and me being honest as to why I haven't been putting as much effort into my blog as I was, I mean I started the year on such a high, uploading posts three times a week, making friends and feeling like I was really achieving something. Then things started to go down hill, without too much detail my relationship ended which hurt a lot now, but hey that's life I suppose and now I'm feeling a bit more positive about the whole situation, and enjoying single life!  

So with me getting a bit down with personal issues, I lost my motivation for university and things just started to pile up, which led to me falling behind on blog posts. I shouldn't use it as an excuse, but sometimes I have to prioritise other things over my blog, at least at the moment.

Then just when things were starting to look up my Granda took really ill, and spent three weeks in intensive care, in a coma. It was a really hard time for my family (And there is a lot of us!) sadly on the 27th February he passed away, devastating us all. He was the most kind hearted gentleman anyone could meet, and thats how a lot of people quoted him when paying respects, the head of our large family and he was my last grandparent to be alive. I've obviously found these last few weeks especially hard and that's also part of the reason why I haven't been as active. 

Now I'm starting to feel a bit better about all that crappy stuff that's been going on so far this year, and I'm going to start focusing on the positive. I've so many exciting things happening and I have a lot of ideas for this blog. Onwards and upwards...

International Women's Day 2016

As a young woman, I've grown up in a world where we've had a lot more freedom to pursue careers and have believes that 30 years ago wouldn't have been possible, and for that I feel privileged. Now, I want to think about what I can do to help young girls achieve more in 30 years time, and what better day to talk about this, than International Women's Day 2016. 

To be completely honest I didn't really take much interest in all political debates around equality and other important factors that are impacting the world until last year, when I stumbled upon a Tanya Burr Video highlighting that she had became an ambassador for United Nations, to promote the Global Goals. Somehow this video really struck a nerve, and I started to pay attention to things I was naive to before, specifically on gender equality - goal number 5.

You may think, why am I rambling about this goal? Well, it relates to International Women's Day, these goals are unachievable by 2030 if the first change isn't made, and that change is to empower women and girls so that we have the same rights as men. These rights should be shared at home, at work and anywhere that women may be put down because well we're women. 

The theme of this year's International Women's Day is #PledgeForParity.

Although there has already been a shift in dynamics for women's equality more can be done to ensure we have the rights were entitled too, just think if some woman 50 years ago hadn't stood up for what she believed she was entitled to, us girls wouldn't have the privileges we have today. We wouldn't be able to vote, we wouldn't be able to earn half the amount of money we do to and amongst other things you would never see a woman getting the opportunity to have her voice heard in political terms, and in general. 

So if you ask why should I try and do something, think about the future. One day you will have children, nieces or nephews, or just see a new generation being born you can make a change for them, just like someone did for you

It is as simple as sharing picture on social media, writing a post or going that extra mile and making a pledge by visiting here.
You may ask what I'm doing well I've pledged 'To Help Women and Girls Achieve their Ambitions.'
A simple click of a button can add to this growing campaign, and allow you to spread the word. All you have to do is print the pledge card for whatever you pledge by clicking here

I'm spreading my word on social media today, and embracing being a woman who wants to stand up for her rights, I hope that some of you join in on this passion. If you do let me know what you pledge in the comments or on Twitter.

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day is one day of the year where we really get to think of all the wonderful things are mother has ever done for us, this day takes place on different days depending on the continent you live in. For us in the UK it is always in March, and it's a day that I see as reflection and appreciation. I get to remember all the great things my mum has done over the past year, and anticipate all the brilliant things she will guide me through and help me with in the next one. 

I know a lot of people say this, but I really mean it when I say my mum's my best friend. I can go to her for anything and I know she'll be honest (even if it hurts) and although I hate to admit it, she's mostly always right! 

We've had a lot of hard times lately and thats when I see what a strong person my mum is, and how she will always be an inspiration to me, because if I can be half the person she is, I know I'll be doing something right. 

I look back to one of my childhood memories, when in primary school we had to talk about our favourite superhero, while everyone may have been admiring Clark Kent, or Spiderman, I spoke about my mum. Back then she was my superhero, because I understood the value of everything, she was my mum and my dad, raising us all single handily. 

Sometimes I don't appreciate my mum enough, and thats a poor thing on my behalf. That's why I want to use today as the day to show her how amazing she is, and that I'm so grateful for everything I have because I owe it all to her. 

She's my bestfriend, my superhero, and will always be my mum

I hope you all have a lovely day celebrating your mums, or those who you share that bond with. 

© Courtney Hanna

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