Let's be honest..

Today I'm writing this with a heavy heart. I honestly didn't know wether I was going to address these things on my blog, but I thought about why I started this blog, it's my personal outlet. Even if I write this post, and don't publish it I think it will make me feel better, kind of like a Dear Dairy post. 

This is a life update, and me being honest as to why I haven't been putting as much effort into my blog as I was, I mean I started the year on such a high, uploading posts three times a week, making friends and feeling like I was really achieving something. Then things started to go down hill, without too much detail my relationship ended which hurt a lot now, but hey that's life I suppose and now I'm feeling a bit more positive about the whole situation, and enjoying single life!  

So with me getting a bit down with personal issues, I lost my motivation for university and things just started to pile up, which led to me falling behind on blog posts. I shouldn't use it as an excuse, but sometimes I have to prioritise other things over my blog, at least at the moment.

Then just when things were starting to look up my Granda took really ill, and spent three weeks in intensive care, in a coma. It was a really hard time for my family (And there is a lot of us!) sadly on the 27th February he passed away, devastating us all. He was the most kind hearted gentleman anyone could meet, and thats how a lot of people quoted him when paying respects, the head of our large family and he was my last grandparent to be alive. I've obviously found these last few weeks especially hard and that's also part of the reason why I haven't been as active. 

Now I'm starting to feel a bit better about all that crappy stuff that's been going on so far this year, and I'm going to start focusing on the positive. I've so many exciting things happening and I have a lot of ideas for this blog. Onwards and upwards...


  1. I'm sorry to hear about all the crap you recently had to go through, all my best wishes to you & your family! x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings


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