21 on 21

EEEEK IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! :D Yes today is finally the day I turn 21, and you've probably seen me counting down the days on my Twitter and Instagram.
 So I thought I would share with you 21 things I want to complete while I'm 21, I was inspired to do this after Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter) wrote this post for her 31st! 

1. Get my driving license, this was also one of my new years resolutions, so I hope I complete this. 

2. Travel more, I'm already kicking this off as I'm visiting three different places already this year so I hope to go to more before my next birthday. 

3.  Be more organised, I usually am but I have definitely being slacking lately. 

4. Be more positive, I've had a lot of crap happen so far this year so I think I need to start having a better attitude towards everything now. 

5. Get fitter, this was also a NY resolution that started well, along with my Monday Motivation Posts but now I'm slacking. Bad Courtney. 

6. Be more grateful for the little moments in life, I'm very sentimental but I feel like I've skimmed past some of the important little moments lately. 

7. Improve my blog, I've lots of exciting ideas and now I've got the time to really up my game. 

8.  Continue to enjoy my new relationship, and let my guard down more. A lot of issues from my past has created this wall but I do feel like it's cracking, and helping my relationship go from strength to strength. 

9. Read more. I am a bookworm but I have neglected taking time to myself to read lately.

10. Change. I need something different, to rebrand as I'm wanting change.

11. Have a girls trip (Kind of completing this already with birthday celebrations but still) 

12. Organise my wardrobe. When it comes to clothes I'm a hoarder, this needs to change. 

13. Keep a journal. I'd like to have something to look back on and see what happened during the year that I was 21. 

14. Say yes to more things. 

15. Face my fears, especially with things that relate to my anxiety. 

16.  Organise my office, my desk is a chaotic mess at the moment. Once again I've became a slob! (tut-tut) 

17. Make sure I do something productive with my weekends, especially when I'm off work. 

18. Stay ahead of everything Uni related, which will allow me not to stress like I did this year. 

19. Develop a new skill or hobbie. 

20. Take a photography class. 

21. Lastly this may sound silly, but camping. It's something I've never done properly and I think this summer would be the perfect opportunity. 

I actually found this really hard to find 21 things, I think it shows I'm pretty happy with life right now. However, I really hope I complete most if not all of these things before my next birthday. 

I am ready for all the new responsibilities being a fully fledged adult brings, so 21 let's hope it's a good one!

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