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The whole reason I got in to Blogging a couple of months ago, was because I loved reading so many blogs and was inspired by a lot of those talented people. The list of my favourite bloggers however has only grown more and more, as I've met a lot of new people through social media and fell in love with their blogs. So for todays post, I thought I'd share with you who my favourite bloggers are, and give all this lovely lot the shout out they deserve!

Lady Writes 

Chloe is such a talented writer, and is one of the first bloggers who followed me on Social Media and was very encouraging in my earlier blog posts, and since then I've avidly followed her posts, and cannot wait for the next one! She is one of the nicest, honest people in this community, with an awesome job and genuine passion for her blog. So If you haven't already I recommend going and checking out her blog.

About Little Things

Sara is one of the nicest people I have spoken to in this community, and having the opportunity to read her blog posts along with snippets from her amazing book which is a great privilege. She is so talented and cares about making relationships with other bloggers and spreading her positivity everywhere! Go check out her blog you would be silly not too!

Emilina Love

Emily is one of those bloggers who inspire you to travel and channel your inner chic style because of her amazing posts and pictures. Along with her writing style, her social media presence is enticing as she is always encouraging others, spreading her little bits of blogging wisdom and just has a personality I think anyone can get along with! Go check out her blog here

Blonde Amy

Amy is a really down to earth girl, and that comes across in her blog posts, which ranges from beauty, to personal life and tips about blogging. Her writing skills are admirable and I love waiting for her next blog posts! It was actually nice to see how someone can have a successful blog while at university so it showed it can be done, which was inspiring. Go check out her blog!

Tania Michele

This lovely lady is amazing at reviewing beauty products, and is sincerely honest when giving her opinion, which I love because if there was a product I want to buy and she has reviewed it, her opinion matters to me now, because we both usually have the same! Her writing technique and pictures are soooo good, I hope you check out her blog.

Jemmas Simple Life

Jemma is one of the first bloggers I ever started reading, and I fell in love with her posts straight away. Her sheer honesty in posts that makes me giggle a lot (most recently the what my boyfriend thinks make up does post!) and I love her take on pictures and doing things a bit differently. Really recommend checking out her blog!

So that is some of the lovely ladies I am loving at the moment I think it would be great if you'd check them out, as there blogs are awesome! If there are any other blogs you think I'd like please let me know in the comments. 


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your post, it honestly means the world to me :) x

    Much love, Sara / AboutLittleThiings


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