What's in my Carry on Bag?

It's that time of year when were all jetting of on planes, road trips or just escaping to somewhere else and that can only mean one thing - a carry on bag! I am heading off to Portugal on Thursday (YAY) so I've been gathering all my bits and pieces for holiday, and thought I'd share what I bring in my bag with you lovely lot.

So the bag I'm using, my parents got me when they went to Portugal last year from a little boutique there, it's white and very large with a removable pocket so it's perfect for travelling. Although with it being white it might get a little dirty during the travel time, but it actually washes pretty easily with baby wipes. So inside my bag is:

Fluffy socks




Hair bobble/scrunchie



Pen and Notebook

Travel Journal


Mini deodorant

Pack of sweeties

Chewing gum 

So that is everything in my travel bag, what do you have in yours? Plus where are you going on holiday? 

Rihanna style inspiration with Farfetch

I don't know about you, but I take a lot of inspiration for my fashion choices from how some of my favourite celebrities dress. Although I don't have the same budget that they have, the Highstreet stores and online sites can offer the same types of clothing for a more affordable price! However sometimes I do like to splurge a little extra on an item of clothing or a full outfit, especially for special occasions.

That's why I've teamed up with Farfetch to show you just how easy it is to get a celebrities style and as Farfetch are working with Apple Music to launch their own playlists featuring artist Maxwell Impact, I have chosen international popstar Rihanna. Who doesn't love her edgy style? From double denim to thigh high boots, it's just a matter of the right accessories to look like the Bajan beauty!

So this is the Rihanna look I'm going to style using Farfetch clothing items...


This jacket is a little longer than Rihanna's but it's so pretty and the perfect colour to match this outfit, plus I think a coat like this would be perfect for Autumn/Winter. 

Tank Top

Tucking this nude suede top into trousers will compliment this outfit and is a top you can re-wear with several looks. 


These trousers are gorgeous, and would compliment a lot of different looks, wether its formal or casual. I adore these!


These pumps are just adorable and I really want a pair, I think every girl deserves to have an expensive pair of shoes in their wardrobe and this style goes perfectly for this Rihanna look. 


This scarf is a shade darker than Rihanna's but it's the closest I could find and I feel like it could brighten the look up a tad, plus how adorable is this? 

So thats the items I would use to recreate this look from the Farfetch website, you guys should totally check out their website if you need some lovely luxury items for your wardrobe! Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments what your favourite item is.

Clothing Haul

So recently I went on a bit of a shopping spree and got quite a few new things, so I thought I'd share with you lovely lot, all the new items of clothing I got. I bought things from Pull & Bear, H&M and Boohoo. Most of the things I've bought are summer clothes, as I am lacking those, plus they're for my summer holiday which is creeping up pretty fast. So let's have a look at all the things I got...

Pull & Bear



I do apologise that the clothes are wrinkled in the pictures, I literally took the pictures as they came out of the bag, due to time restraints. Anyway, that is the stuff I got some is for holiday, and can be worn here as well, so double bonus! 

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