Summer Morning Routine

I love reading lifestyle blog posts, and there has been one particular post I've wanted to share with you all, and that is my morning routine. As it's summer, my routine isn't as regimented as I'm not at university, and I've a lot more free time. 

9:00 am | Rise and Shine

Having this little bit of an extra lie in during summer is a treat for me, especially if I don't have work, I will sometimes snooze a little longer. I'm usually greeted by my little pug who is more than happy to have some company.

9:30 am | Breakfast

For breakfast this morning I had pancakes and orange juice, while watching some morning TV and chilling with Bella. 

10:30 am | Getting Ready 

After breakfast, I'll pick out my outfit for the day and get a shower, while completing my morning skincare routine. 

11:15 am | Beauty and Hair

My next step in the morning is deciding what I'm doing with my hair, and then doing my make up for the day. 

11:45 am | Getting to my Daily Tasks

Once I'm completely ready I head into my office, here I check my emails, and blog. I'll reply to any new comments, reply to tweets and make a to do list for that day. Then once I've prioritized everything I will get on with my day. 

So that is my morning routine, let me know what you get up to in the mornings!

Portugal Travel Dairy

So at the end of July, beginning of August I went on holiday to Portugal with my family. A full week of relaxation by the pool and beach, switched off from social media and the normality of home. I've had a very stressful few weeks with things happening in my personal life, and a lot of technical difficulties relating to my blog, and the final edit of it, I truly felt like a break was needed.

We stayed in the Ondomar Hotel, it's four star rating is a true credit as it is beautiful, and we could not have had nicer staff. The location was perfectly set between the old and new town of Albuferia giving us the choice of each for our daily routine.

A lot of our days at the beach were in the old town, here we could listen to the languages of many nationalities, while enjoying the soaring temperatures and the chance to just do nothing. Although I may be stating that I did nothing, I did spend a lot of my time with my head in the book Girl on the Train. This was my favourite holiday read, and it was truly nice to have the chance to just sit and read something I haven't done in a long time.

The old town was my favourite, simply for it's authenticity. I felt like this is where you could really connect with the locals, something as a tourism student I like to achieve every time I travel. There were also so many little boutiques to spoil myself with goodies from, and picking up presents for my boyfriend and his family.

Funny story, as I'm so fair skinned I never get a tan. This time round, not only get tan lines a first in my 21 years of life, I also got burnt pretty early in the holiday, while gaining plenty of new freckles. Being burnt did limit some of the fun I had on a particular day at the beach as I had to cover up, which resulted in a new hat, a fancy fan and the shaded umbrellas. I was some sight I say, plus it happened to my little brother too, LOL!

One night we even managed to catch a concert in the main square, as the town was hosting music festivals all week and it was truly amazing to see. That same night I also managed to find the cutest little store that sold bath products, it was like a Portuguese lush store, I did give in and buy a few goodies!

I also did over indulge in some cocktails while I was away, they were blooming massive, but very much delish!

On our last night we went to a little chapel in the old town, and explored some of the beauty that is hidden in the cobbled streets. We also had our last dinner at this cute little restaurant where we got to eat outside. It was a lovely way to spend our last day. 

This break full of relaxation was just what I needed, and after some serious TLC I've came home happier, more motivated and with a few new freckles. Portugal really is a beautiful place!

August Birchbox

Another month has came along and that can only mean one thing another Birchbox, but this month I received a Birchbag. Inside were another lot of amazing goodies thatI'm going to share with you today... 

Firstly the bag is called the 'Scuba Birchbag' and the colour I received was the blue ribbing on the white bag, although I must say I'm not the best impressed with the actual colour of the bag as it is not white. It's like a dirty white that has can discoloured, but I can't really complain it's a one off, and I'm sure I'll still find a use for it. 

Marcelle - Waterproof Eyeliner

The first beauty product I got is a Birchbox exclusive, and it is this gorgeous eyeliner from Marcelle. We got an email prior to receiving this month's goodies, asking which shade we would prefer, I chose Expresso. I really like this shade, and I've heard a lot about Marcelle products and just never got around to trying them so I'm excited for this.      

Balance Me - Radiance Face Mask                   

I've had a few Balance Me products from Birchbox, all of which I have loved so I am rather looking forward to trying out this face mask as many of you may know I love a good face mask to relax at the end of the day.

Merci Handy - Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel

I have never heard of this brand before, but this full sized goodie is so cute, and perfect for popping in any sized handbag. I am obsessed with hand sanitizers, as I'm a bit of a germaphobe, plus I got the scent Lollipop and it smells beaut!

Philip Kingsley - One More Day Dry Shampoo

Every girl loves a bit of dry shampoo in their hour of need, or for a helping hand when styling their hair, so receiving this little gem made me happy! I've actually used some of the Philip Kingsley hair products before on recommendation from my hairdresser, but never the dry shampoo so I have high hopes for this product. It is also the perfect size for travelling, so I'm taking this with me next week!

Anatomicals - The Buff stuff, Citrus body scrub

This body scrub smells AMAZING, so fresh and it seems really energising. Like the previous product this is the perfect size for travelling with only a carry on case, so I'll be taking this with me next week when I'm travelling again. 

English Laundry - Signature for Her Eau de Parfum

My beauty bonus this month was the sample bottle of perfume, and this is such a beautiful scent. I'm going to be using this to the death till the end of summer, as it is just a sweet, flowery scent that is perfect for daytime and nighttime.

So that is everything that is in my August Birchbag, let me know if you have tried any of these products. Also.... If any of you are ever wanting to sign up for Birchbox, use this referal link and you will earn £5.00 worth of beauty bonus points to spend on some lovely goodies!

July Favourites

I cannot believe July is over already I feel like I blinked and it was over with, but I'm not complaining as it made my holiday come in quicker. Yes as your reading this I'm sunning myself in Portugal with a cocktail, and a good book in toe! (Don't be jel :P) 

I've been loving so many things this month, quite a few are new in my daily routine, so here they are...

Love Island

I was so gutted when the show ended a few weeks ago, but it was a firm favourite the whole time it was on. I was rooting for Kady and Scott to win, but was happy with Cara and Nathan wining because they're cute too. Can't wait for the next one!!

5 Seconds of Summer - Girls Talk Boys
I think you all know how much I love this band by now, so I was excited for this new song to be released. Plus this song is part of the new Ghostbusters movie which looks awesome too, you can download this song here. It literally speaks what every girl does when they have a new guy in their life!

Millie Macintosh x LOC Lip pen
I got this little beauty in my July Birchbox, the post however hasn't gone live yet as I've been having technical issues with my camera and macbook, I will put it up it will just be late - sorry! This colour is so pretty and I'm obsessed, it's been my go to all month, I've even been wearing it on holiday a lot. 


This is my social media of the month, as I really am obsessed. I usually update on this about new blog posts, or any blogger mail I get, also I'm vlogging little bits of my holiday on this so come see what I get up too! courtsworld_x

Zoeva Brush set
For ages I've been wanting to get this lovely brush set, as they are used in a lot of beauty tutorials I watch. Also, many of the beauty blogs I read recommend specific brushes because they are so good, the brushes feel amazing and I have already used them for a few make up looks which will be featured in upcoming posts!

My favourite blog this month has definitely been InTheFrow. I only found Victoria's YouTube channel at Christmas when she was doing Vlogmas, and since then I've been obsessed! Plus her blog has been a big inspiration to me, and her content is just amazing, you can really see the hardwork she puts into her blog. If by any odd chance you haven't stumbled across this gorgeous lady, go check her out immediately!

So that is my July favourites, let me know what you've been loving this month.

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