Summer Morning Routine

I love reading lifestyle blog posts, and there has been one particular post I've wanted to share with you all, and that is my morning routine. As it's summer, my routine isn't as regimented as I'm not at university, and I've a lot more free time. 

9:00 am | Rise and Shine

Having this little bit of an extra lie in during summer is a treat for me, especially if I don't have work, I will sometimes snooze a little longer. I'm usually greeted by my little pug who is more than happy to have some company.

9:30 am | Breakfast

For breakfast this morning I had pancakes and orange juice, while watching some morning TV and chilling with Bella. 

10:30 am | Getting Ready 

After breakfast, I'll pick out my outfit for the day and get a shower, while completing my morning skincare routine. 

11:15 am | Beauty and Hair

My next step in the morning is deciding what I'm doing with my hair, and then doing my make up for the day. 

11:45 am | Getting to my Daily Tasks

Once I'm completely ready I head into my office, here I check my emails, and blog. I'll reply to any new comments, reply to tweets and make a to do list for that day. Then once I've prioritized everything I will get on with my day. 

So that is my morning routine, let me know what you get up to in the mornings!

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