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This blog has been what I would call 'empty' over the past few weeks, and that is because I've had a lot of things going wrong lately, and I thought you guys deserved an update on what's been happening. 

My camera and macbook have been playing up since August and I haven't had the chance to get them fixed, so that's delayed a lot of my posts I've already written, I just can't add the images. Very frustrating :( 

Then on top of things I ended up in hospital a few weeks ago, because I've got blood clots in my lungs. I've had a history of blood clots, so this was not a good situation and I only just got out of hospital and I'm on bedrest for the next few weeks. Hopefully in this time I'll be able to get blog stuff sorted and get ahead of the game before I start back to uni. 

So that's the reasoning behind the lack of posts, really sorry but health comes first an all that! I'm hoping to get some posts up this week and start next week off on a new upload schedule.

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