Lush Halloween Haul

By now I'm sure anyone who reads this blog often will know of my love for Lush, just like any typical female these days. So you can imagine my excitement when a particular holiday is coming up and a new range of products come out, well excitement was at an all time high when this year's Halloween range hit stores. 

I'd watched Just Jodes Youtube video where she discussed everything that was coming out as she attended the launch party, and I was so excited and giddy my boyfriend actually shh'd me (he doesn't get the magic of Lush). 

So I bought the Pumkin Gift 2016, which was £19.95 in the store, but I think it is £20.95 online. Firstly, how cute is this gift it got me well into the Halloween spirit! Plus you're left with this cute little pumkin scarf, or you could use it as some form of decoration for this spooky time of year.

Inside the gift is...

Boo Bath Melt

Lord of Misrule bath bomb

Pumpkin bath bomb

Sparky Pumpkin bubble bar

So if you're looking for some Halloween relaxation this weekend nip out and treat yourself to this ghoulish gift - I'm in love with it and it smells amazing!

Kylie Jenner Bronze Palette

I am a very big Kardashian/Jenner fan and many of you will know I love the Kylie Jenner cosmetics range, and I've reviewed some of the products here on the blog. So when the new eye shadow palette was released I had to get it straight away, but there was a few issues and my first order ended up going to the wrong place to my delight. *eye roll* 

I did get a refund and reordered the palette a few weeks ago and I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on it, I do know by now it's been out a while but hey I'm not one to follow the crowd. Plus a new burgundy palette has been announced which personally I think I would have loved more, but still I'm happy I got this one first. 

I love the packaging and didn't realise that it was actually going to be that size, as it is quite small it fits perfectly into my make up bag or just a handbag so it will be really good when travelling. The only criticism is there is no mirror in the palette I've heard the newer releases will have mirrors so they've clearly taken what everyone has said on board!

The colours are very pigmented and last all day I wore this from 6:30 am going to uni then straight to work so that when I got home it was 11:40pm and my eye make up was just as perfect as it was first thing in the morning!
My favourite shades are citrine, hematite and goldstone, this the perfect time of the year to wear browns, oranges and golds! 
I would recommend this to anyone, and I can't wait to get my hands on the new Burgundy palette!

Zoella Lifestyle Range Review

I am a very big fan of Zoe Sugg, she is one of the first ever bloggers I discovered and I've been avid reader of her blog and then her YouTube channel. So when she started releasing her Zoella Beauty I became obsessed, and was always buying new products which you've heard me raving about here on the blog, so when she announced she was bringing out a Zoella Lifestyle range I was more than ecstatic!

I ordered the essential stuff I wanted now from Boots, and the rest of the range is being bought as Christmas presents for me. I specifically wanted the stationary items for going back to university, so these are the items I got...


I loved the size of this journal, and really wanted from I saw the cute embezzlement and all the detailing inside. It's a really good size so you can fit a lot on one page which is perfect for my university notes.


This planner captured my eye from the moment I saw it because of the cute quote, which is something Zoe always says. I love planners and this has a bit of a twist so I was really intrigued. There are little post it stickers inside which are really handy for the journal and just in general.

Travel Mug & Gloves Gift Set

Who doesn't love a gift set? I think this would be a really good gift to get someone, and it is super cute! The gloves are so cosy and I love fingerless ones as you can actually text or do things with them.

These were just some of the stuff that I needed straight away, I can't wait to get more from the range, especially the candles - bring on Christmas!

September Favourites

Image result for september favourites title
Another month has flown by and for me it has been a chaotic month, but that hasn't stopped me from loving a lot of things and of course I'm going to share those favourite things with all of you!


This is always a favourite of mine, and it has been gripping me since it started. This month seen the famous Six Chair Challenge so it was amazing to watch, I can't wait for the rest of the series!

Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette

I have not stopped using this palette on my eyes, and long will it continue this is amazing and the smell just makes it all the better! A review post is going up next week. LOVE 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Image result for laura mercier primer
I got this in my September Birchbox and was so excited to try it out, and boy did it live up to the expectations, it's definitley the best primer I've ever used on my skin. I love it, and I've ordered the full sized product. 

Zoella Lifestyle Products
Image result for zoella lifestyle
I have post going up this week telling you all about the products that I got, and I am in love. I got so excited when she released lifestyle products and they have lived up to expectation, I've been using them everyday!

We are Liars

Now it may seem like there's a running theme, as this book is part of the WHSmith Zoella book club, but I wanted a new book and saw this and it captured me from the blurb alone. I read it in 2 days and it was awesome! I definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a gripping book.

Pom Bears
Someone bought me a pack of these when I was in hospital and ever since I have been addicted, they make me feel like a little child too but they are beaut!

James Arthur - Say you won't let go
I always loved his music, and now I have fallen in love with his voice all over again. This song is just magical and is a firm favourite of mine, plus I can now tie it with a special memory. 

So that's all of what I've been loving this month, what has been your favourite things?

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