Christmas Gift Guide for Girls

It's that time of year again when we're thinking of what to get our loved ones for Christmas, so I thought I'd make a few Christmas Gift Guides for all those people who need some inspiration, and as you can see from the title this first guide is for Girls.  This post is in collaboration with The Lifestyle Blogger


I have a 20% discount code for any product bought from the Boutique of Molly website, there is some gorgeous stuff there - COURTSWORLD20

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So that is just a few ideas of Christmas presents for any females in your life this year! Make sure you check out 🎅

The Autumn Tag

I've seen a lot of people doing the Autumn tag and since it's one of my favourite times of year I thought I'd join in on the fun!

1. Favourite thing about Autumn? 
My favourite thing about Autumn isn't just defined by one thing, as I love so much. The sound of my feet walking on the crunchy leaves that have fallen from the tree, wearing cosy scarves and wooly hats, but most importantly the two holidays that you can start to get excited for when Autumn starts. 

2. Favourite drink? 
Now I'm not the typical Starbucks loving person when it comes to drinks, I'm simple my favourite drink is a Hot Chocolate, mainly the galaxy one which is just divine. 

3. Favourite Scent/Candle?
My favourite scent at this time of year is always from Yankee, and it has to be Autumn Wreath. It is so rich and makes me smile because I know I'm in my favourite season. 

4. Favourite Autumn lipstick? 
I alternate between nudes, and dark lips during Autumn. My go to bold lip will always be Kate Moss Rimmel London, shade 101. As for nudes I am loving the Kylie Jenner Cosmetics lipkit in the shade Candy K. 

5. Go to eye colour? 
I love having golden eyes or bronzed eyes during this season, and it really suits my green eyes to do this. I couldn't even define a particular shade but I use my Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette or my Too Faced Semi Sweet Palette.

6. Favourite outfit to wear?
I live in big, baggy jumpers and scarves during this season. At the moment I'm loving the date night outfit I recently blogged with many of my gorgeous things coming from Boutique of Molly.

7. Favourite thing about Autumn? 
Many people dislike the darker evenings in Autumn, but it's one of my favourite things as it signals the candles being brought out along with snuggling in fleecy pjs, and under the blankets. 

So that is the Autumn Tag join in the fun and let me see what your favourite things are!

My Blogs 1st Birthday

I cannot believe that today my blog is a year old, it feels like only yesterday I decided to take the leap in creating this online adventure. I could never off predicted how much I would love completing this hobby, and how much I would actually stick to it! 

Having this blog, has improved my writing, photography and even my confidence so much. It's allowed me to achieve goals I didn't think we're possible and meet all new kinds of people, many I'd like to say I can now call a friend. 

It really has been one of the best things I've done, and to anyone who wants to do it take the leap. I'm setting myself new goals and I can't wait to see what happens within the next year, and thank you for your support!

Too Faced Semi Sweet Palette Review

While I was in Paris I splurged a little in Sephora and treated myself to the Too Faced, Semi Sweet Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette. So I thought what better than to share my first impressions with you lovely lot!

The smell of this is just incredible my boyfriend was amazed that something like make up could smell like chocolate, he joked he'd eat it on me!

The colours are so pretty, I've tried a few combinations out and I am in love with how they look, plus I feel like the colours would be perfect for all year round. 

I choose this specific palette out of all the Too Faced range because I feel like these colours suit me more, and that I will be able to get the most use out of. I am so in love with it and would highly recommend!

My Favourite Twitter Accounts

Social media is such a big part of our lives these days, and I can openly admit that I'm addicted to the constant scrolling on my phone or on my MacBook too see what's going on in the world, something I think is vital in the industry of blogging. 

Twitter is my favourite social media platform and I love a lot of different accounts so following the success of my favourite bloggers post, I thought I'd share my favourite twitter accounts.


Jemma is the best person to follow on Twitter, she is the founder of The Girl Gang (another amazing account to meet new people in the community!) Her twitter is full of awesome blog posts, funny every day life moments that many of us experience and her amazing etsy shop features heavily there! Jemma is really supportive and interactive she replies to everyone as far as I'm aware and she's super nice!

Ebony is one of my favourite people ever, her YouTube channels are amazing and her Twitter is just full of her honesty, most of which makes me laugh. She shares her cute relationship with her boyfriend, and is really active on her account. One to follow for definite!

Erika is the type of person I'd describe as uber cool, she has such a unique style and I like the same type of music and TV shows as her so seeing her tweets cheers me up or make me laugh because she is just awesome!

Hayley was one of the first bloggers I followed on Twitter, and she is just so down to earth I love her twitter! I love it even more now she's pregnant, she is just so realistic about everything and I can't wait for more posts on her blog about her pregnancy.

Sara appeared in my favourite bloggers post and since then she is found the niche for her blog, which is all about her talented writing skills. Her twitter is just as amazing, she is so friendly and motivational and searching her twitter is sure to cheer me up!

So these are some of my favourite twitter accounts at the minute, if you don't I'd recommend you go check out these lovely ladies and give them a follow! Let me know who you guys like too follow on twitter :)

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