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Sometimes I think people think blogging is a doddle, just slap a few pictures there and type some words and boom it's done. That's why I roll my eyes when the same people say, "Oh it's just a hobby don't stress that you don't have time." Yes, this may have started out as a hobby but now, I see it as another job,  I'm not an amazing blogger and I certainly don't make enough money that would signify me making this a full time job - but some can dream

So that's why I get peeved when people state that this is a hobby, when I work my ass of to juggle everything, and I know I'm not the only blogger who has these struggles. So I thought I would share with you some of the tips that help me when everything gets a little bit overwhelming.

Planning Ahead

Having a dairy/planner is crucial in my everyday life and I think everyone can take advantage of this. Having this on hand is so easy as you can pop them in your bag, and it means you can stay on top of your schedule and avoid conflicts in appointments wether your at home or out. I always write in any deadlines for university and my blog in advance, then I can plan the rest of the things in my week as I get closer to it.

To Do Lists

When I have a day off I will grab one of my notepads and list everything I have to get done in that day. Sometimes when I've made the list I will rewrite it in order of importance, this is usually when I have lots to do and then I'm being realistic that I might not get them all done, but the high priority ones will be.


This is my key tip, as I'm in university, juggling a part time job, managing my blog and trying to have a social life, I need to understand how some things have to come before others. Which I must admit can be a struggle as I'm a workaholic and don't like letting anyone down, but everyone has to be realistic, so university for me should always come first it's my education and then I try to fit everything else in around it.

Inbox Zero

Emails are a part of everyday life for the majority of the population, and I must say no matter how it easy it is to keep ignoring them and letting them build up, I just can't! I'm one of those people who likes to be aware of everything, and have plenty of notice on deadlines, so you will never see 5678 unread emails on any of my accounts. (Although my boyfriend like this is to much to my dismay!) It's best to pick a time in the day which is devoted completely to email, personally I always do this at about 6pm every night then reply and can sleep peacefully knowing I'm on top.

These are just some things I do to make life a little bit more simpler for me, I hope some of these may help you! Let me know some things you do in the comments.


  1. I definitely agree with all of these things, I think planning ahead is the most important thing :) Like you said, even though blogging might be a hobby, it's still something I take very seriously & something that's important to me so I want to do my best. Planners and to do lists really are lifesavers when it comes to staying on top of things x


    1. It really is! Yeah it is important to us :) x


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