Winter Night Time Routine

6:00 pm | Dinner Time
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My parents sometimes make me a dinner, or I will make something like I did on this night. I made myself a salad for dinner as I went out for lunch and just wanted something light, although my favourite meal in Autumn is soup!

7:00 pm | Cleansing Time

At night time I love running a hot bath with an added dose of relaxation with a little product from Lush. While in the bath I will be watching either Netflix or YouTube and just take some time to relax, while my favourite candle is burning.

8:00 pm | Final Pamper 

Most nights when I wash my hair, I let it dry naturally as I've curly hair and it just sits better the next day. I will also do my skincare routine (blog post coming soon) get changed into my pjs, and then go to my room and relax on my bed. 

9:00 pm | Chilling and Relaxing time
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When I'm in my room I'll be watching TV, currently my favourite show is Grey's Anatomy. During this time I'll also be on Twitter and reading some blog posts, or replying to comments on my latest post. Usually every night, my boyfriend and I will FaceTime too, other times I might be working on assignments for University.

11:00 pm | Sleep

I always try and go to sleep at this time, however sometimes I tend to stay up uber late and I'm exhausted the next day - not the best of choices. 

So that is my evening routine for these darker nights, let me know what you get up too.

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