My top 10 TV Series

Let's face it, we now live in a world were the majority of our time is spent thinking about a programme, binge watching said programme, and wishing our favourite characters were some how real and our bestfriends or love interests! So I though it was only right to share the top 10 TV series that I've obsessed, or still am obsessing about.. 

Gilmore Girls (including the revival) 

This is one of the first TV shows I remember being hooked as a young teenager, I use to come home from school and obsess over Rory Gilmore and her smartness, and the quick wit of her charming mother Lorelai. Not to mention I think we all wanted to live in Stars Hallow at one point! 

Plus when the revival came out on Netflix last year the large hole was filled for those joyous moments and I reallllly hope that there will be more I mean they can't just end like that!

One Tree Hill

Another show that I think everyone loved, but it really did cement some of the traits that I now have. I mean Brooke Davis is one of my all time favourite TV characters, and we all wanted the kinda epic love story that Lucas and Peyton had, and the adorable family life like Hayley and Nathan. 

Game of Thrones

I love this show and I dread when it ends, I have actually had the privilege of seeing a lot of the places they shoot as it is my hometown. I've read all the books and I'm thoroughly enjoying this current series, and Daenerys is my favourite character. 

Greys Anatomy 

I don't understand how I only started watching this show last year, considering how much I love it, I have binged watched all the episodes, and I'm not afraid to admit that I have started re-watching some of the earlier episodes again! I'm so excited for Season 15!

Hart of Dixie

This is another show I didn't watch until it was over, and now I want it to continue it was soooo good! I love Lemon and all the actors in this show are fab. 

Pretty Little Liars

This show has been a huge part of my later teens and young adult life, it gripped me from the beginning, while the ending was receieved with mixed views, it will still be one of my all time favourite shows.


I love shows that are based around law and this show is something that me and my fiance first bonded over so it holds a special premis in my heart. Very witty and so addictive, will always be a favourite. 

Gossip Girl

Another show that took me right through my teenage years, it teaches you a lot about life and fashion, plus who doesn't sill quote Blair Waldorf in 2017? 

Sons of Anarchy 

This is just incredible, and I still haven't got over the fact the show is over. If someone hasn't watched this, then I demand they must - it's just that good!!

Designated Survivor

This is definitely one of the newer additions to my favourite shows, it always ends on a cliff hanger, leaving me wanting more and more. I recommend this to everyone, it's a very good show on politics and the dirt behind the scenes. 

So that is my top 10 TV series to watch and I could probably keep adding more! (Yes I am a TV addict)  

Let me know what your favourite shows are in the comments below.

Zoella Lifestyle Range

I think a lot of people will agree with me when they say they love cute things for their house, bedroom or office, which is why I get so excited when someone like Zoƫ Sugg releases new products because they are all so fricking cute!!

So I thought I'd give you a run down of all the new goodies we can get our hands on...

Image result for cloud nine cushion

Cloud Nine Cushion £18.00

Image result for Easy Doze It Cushion

Easy Doze It Cushion £18.00

Image result for Sweet Dreams Cushion

Sweet Dreams Cushion £18.00

Image result for Inspire Me desk accessory

Inspire Me desk accessory £12.00

Image result for Wonderful Journal

Wonderful Journal £15.00

Image result for Stay on Top of your World Stationery Book

Stay on Top of your World Stationary Book £15.00

Image result for It's the Little Things Jotters

It's the Little Things Jotters £10.00

Image result for Make your Mark Pencils

Make your Mark Pencils £6.00

Image result for Looking Sharp Ring Holder

Looking Sharp Ring Holder £12.00

Image result for Catching Trinkets Jewellery Tray

Catching Trinkets Jewellery Tray £12.00

Image result for Blooming Marvellous Storage PotsImage result for Blooming Marvellous Storage Pots

Blooming Marvellous Storage Pots £6.00 each

Image result for zoella lifestyle 2017

So if any of this gorgeous stuff tickles your fancy then all these links will take you to the different places they can be bought from: 

Feel Unique  

Superdrug (At the time of publish there is a 3 for 2 offer)

House of Fraser  



Life Update

Image result for LIFE UPDATE

Well it's been a long while since I've written a post like this, and a lot has changed in the past few months, so I think it's only fair I share everything with you guys so you can maybe understand why blogging has taken a back seat lately.

My health has been a constant battle over the past couple of years, my mental health will be a continuous struggle but I'm coming to grips with my demons and triggers and how to handle my anxiety and panic attacks. My other health issue that I've briefly mentioned before which will now be lifelong is finally starting to be easier to deal with, I'm on Warrfin medication (blood thinning) which has to always be balanced and monitored, but it's starting to stabilise!

I have finally finished University wooooop! and although most graduation ceremonies happen at the beginning of Summer, mine isn't until the 1st of September, so you can look forward to the essential gown and cap pictures in a few weeks. This is a major stress of my shoulder, uni got really hard when my health deteriorated but I persevered and kicked ass and got a 2:1 *insert happy dancing*

Also, and this is quite possibly my favourite update I GOT A FULL TIME JOB!!! Yes the first job interview I went to since finishing University, and I got it! Baring in mind my experience is limited but clearly my degree has came to it's good use and I have gotten the job of my dreams. Oh, and bonus to this is that I got to quit my retail job! [HALLELUJAH] 

The final update is that wedding planning is in full swing and I have many posts coming up in the next few months, showing my hacks and D.I.Y.s to make things a lot easier for us brides/grooms to be!

So blogging is taking a front seat and I'm excited to share all the new things happening in my life with you all! 

June Favourites

Related image
It's that time again to share with you what I've been loving this month, plus I haven't done a monthly favourites in ages!! June has literally flown by, but it has been a very good month for me, I finished university, had my 22nd Birthday and wedding planning is in full swing. So I'm very excited for summer, as I have a lot of exciting blog projects coming up!

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette

This palette has featured in my favourites before but I've recently started using it again and becoming more adventurous with the colours that I'm using, and I've just been loving it!

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick and Lipliner

Image result for charlotte tilbury penelope pink and pillow talk

I love Charlotte Tilbury products, and I have been constantly wearing this K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in the shade Penelope Pink, with the classic Pillow Talk lipliner that everyone loves. Little secret I'm pretty certain this lipstick will be the shade I have on my Wedding day!

Ted Baker Nail Varnish

I am obsessed with this colour which unfortunately doesn't have a name on the bottle, but I got it in the Ted Baker Christmas set from Boots. It is very feminine and long lasting and just perfect for this time of the year.

Spectrum brush

I got this brush in one of my birthday presents and I have been loving it for creating the perfect smokey eye! I'm just obsessed with Spectrum brushes.


This was a birthday present from my fiance and it's the type of planner I've wanted for ages, and it is a proper grown up one in my opinion - Plus it's rose gold and marble, my favvv combination! So I am sure you will see this in many Instagram flat lays in the future.

Love Island

Image result for love island

Summer is the sign of one thing for me, reality TV heaven! One of my favourite shows, and the majority of the UK's I think, is Love Island! I'm addicted and I've been live tweeting for most of the episodes, I  loooove Camila she is so cute, plus Marcel is blazzing ;) haha but he is lovely, can't wait to keep watching!

Pretty Little Liars

Image result for pretty little liars

I kind of expected a point to come when I would write about the eternal love and dedication I have had for this show, because it would be ending, and now well it is has and I don't know how to feel. 7 years, I've watched this show and it's officially over, and like many people I feel very disappointed with the ending as there was still confusion and questions left unanswered. I did enjoy some of it though and I'm glad it's over, no more torment.

So that is some of the stuff I've been loving this month, let me know what your favourite things have been.

30 before 30

Last week I turned 22 *queue some Taylor Swift lyrics*  and I have to admit, I feel old.  Not in the sense where people need to roll their eyes and say, "You're 22 not, 82." Yes I've my whole life ahead of me and all that jazz, but when I was a little girl I use to think people who where 22 were proper adults. 

Which I suppose I am, and this got me thinking that it's time to change the goals I have for life and be more of an adult, I mean it's not like meeting Harry Styles is my main goal in life anymore, although it would be a nice experience lol!

So over the past few days I created this list, 30 Before 30! 30 things I want to achieve before I hit the next big milestone birthday, I think it would be nice for the next eight birthdays I have to come back and check off the goals I've achieved.

[1] Get married

[2] Graduate from university

[3] Visit a new city each year

[4] Own a designer handbag

[5] Learn a new language

[6] Take a photography class

[7] Make a scrapbook of my Twenties 

[8] Run a marathon

[9] Go to Disneyland

[10] Learn to french braid hair

[11] Read more

[12] Become a better baker

[13] Kick my anxiety's ass

[14] Go to New York City

[15] Start a family

[16] Host a dinner party

[17] Blog twice a week (and stick to it)

[18] Go on a road trip

[19] Print off more photos

[20] See a show in the West End

[21] Learn to play piano

[22] Move to a new city

[23] Learn more about flowers 

[24] Write a book

[25] Save and buy a house

[26] Volunteer

[27] Go to a Spa and have a proper pamper session

[28] Get my dream job

[29] Host Christmas for all my family

[30] Travel for a full month

Some of these goals are a little more achievable than others, and some a lot more important than others, but the fun in making this list is actually pushing myself to try and complete it. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Tanya Burr Brownies and Giveaway!

I love baking and I love Tanya Burr so when she brought out her baking book I was more than overjoyed, so much so I got my hands on a signed book. I have loved trying out all the recipes and I though this week I would make her Brownies and share the recipe, plus I have bought one of the baking books to give away to one of you!

This recipe serves 12-16 and in total takes 45 minutes for prep and cooking. Also you will need a 20cm square baking tin.


125ml coconut oil
300g of dark chocolate (70% coca solids), plus extra melted for drizzling
400g coconut sugar
170g ground almonds
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 avocado, mashed
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
pinch of salt
3 eggs


Preheat the oven to 180°C / 350 °F / GM4. 

Then line a 20cm square baking tin with greaseproof paper.

In a large saucepan, heat the coconut oil and chocolate, stirring, over a low heat, until melted.

Turn off the heat, add the remaining ingredients then mix until fully combined. 

(I didn't have greaseproof paper so I just greased my tin myself) 

Pour into the baking tine and bake for 30 minutes. Leave to cool in the before drizzling with the melted chocolate then cut into pieces.

Then plate up and serve.

To enter the giveaway for the Tanya Bakes book you have to:

Follow me on Twitter 
Retweet the pinned tweet
 Comment that you've done all of the above on this post

I will choose one winner at random on the 22nd of May and I'll announce it on Twitter.

Good Luck and Let me know if you make the brownies!

What I ate Wednesday

I love these types of videos, probably because I'm so nosey! So I thought I would share via photos what I ate these particular day. 

| Breakfast | 

So I had two small pancakes, and an apple for breakfast. I am really trying to ensure that I'm having my five a day so today I got off to a good start, plus I'm loving pancakes at the moment - YUM! 

| Lunch |

For lunch I just had a baguette, I'm quite simple I don't like anything inside as I'm such a fussy eater! I also had a bottle of water with my lunch. 

| Afternoon Snack |

For my snack I had a fruit salad, and another bottle of water 

| Dinner | 

For dinner we had a naughty meal, which was a Domino's which I loooove though I try to limit as it's not the healthiest but I really wanted it today!

| Night time snack | 

At night I'm at my most snackish, so I did indulge in some mini eggs, because I need to get rid of the chocolate that is left in my house from Easter, it's taunting me, haha!

So that is everything I had for my first what I ate Wednesday, I think I'm going to continue this series if you guys like it? Also, let me know what you ate today! 

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