30 before 30

Last week I turned 22 *queue some Taylor Swift lyrics*  and I have to admit, I feel old.  Not in the sense where people need to roll their eyes and say, "You're 22 not, 82." Yes I've my whole life ahead of me and all that jazz, but when I was a little girl I use to think people who where 22 were proper adults. 

Which I suppose I am, and this got me thinking that it's time to change the goals I have for life and be more of an adult, I mean it's not like meeting Harry Styles is my main goal in life anymore, although it would be a nice experience lol!

So over the past few days I created this list, 30 Before 30! 30 things I want to achieve before I hit the next big milestone birthday, I think it would be nice for the next eight birthdays I have to come back and check off the goals I've achieved.

[1] Get married

[2] Graduate from university

[3] Visit a new city each year

[4] Own a designer handbag

[5] Learn a new language

[6] Take a photography class

[7] Make a scrapbook of my Twenties 

[8] Run a marathon

[9] Go to Disneyland

[10] Learn to french braid hair

[11] Read more

[12] Become a better baker

[13] Kick my anxiety's ass

[14] Go to New York City

[15] Start a family

[16] Host a dinner party

[17] Blog twice a week (and stick to it)

[18] Go on a road trip

[19] Print off more photos

[20] See a show in the West End

[21] Learn to play piano

[22] Move to a new city

[23] Learn more about flowers 

[24] Write a book

[25] Save and buy a house

[26] Volunteer

[27] Go to a Spa and have a proper pamper session

[28] Get my dream job

[29] Host Christmas for all my family

[30] Travel for a full month

Some of these goals are a little more achievable than others, and some a lot more important than others, but the fun in making this list is actually pushing myself to try and complete it. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Tanya Burr Brownies and Giveaway!

I love baking and I love Tanya Burr so when she brought out her baking book I was more than overjoyed, so much so I got my hands on a signed book. I have loved trying out all the recipes and I though this week I would make her Brownies and share the recipe, plus I have bought one of the baking books to give away to one of you!

This recipe serves 12-16 and in total takes 45 minutes for prep and cooking. Also you will need a 20cm square baking tin.


125ml coconut oil
300g of dark chocolate (70% coca solids), plus extra melted for drizzling
400g coconut sugar
170g ground almonds
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 avocado, mashed
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
pinch of salt
3 eggs


Preheat the oven to 180°C / 350 °F / GM4. 

Then line a 20cm square baking tin with greaseproof paper.

In a large saucepan, heat the coconut oil and chocolate, stirring, over a low heat, until melted.

Turn off the heat, add the remaining ingredients then mix until fully combined. 

(I didn't have greaseproof paper so I just greased my tin myself) 

Pour into the baking tine and bake for 30 minutes. Leave to cool in the before drizzling with the melted chocolate then cut into pieces.

Then plate up and serve.

To enter the giveaway for the Tanya Bakes book you have to:

Follow me on Twitter 
Retweet the pinned tweet
 Comment that you've done all of the above on this post

I will choose one winner at random on the 22nd of May and I'll announce it on Twitter.

Good Luck and Let me know if you make the brownies!

What I ate Wednesday

I love these types of videos, probably because I'm so nosey! So I thought I would share via photos what I ate these particular day. 

| Breakfast | 

So I had two small pancakes, and an apple for breakfast. I am really trying to ensure that I'm having my five a day so today I got off to a good start, plus I'm loving pancakes at the moment - YUM! 

| Lunch |

For lunch I just had a baguette, I'm quite simple I don't like anything inside as I'm such a fussy eater! I also had a bottle of water with my lunch. 

| Afternoon Snack |

For my snack I had a fruit salad, and another bottle of water 

| Dinner | 

For dinner we had a naughty meal, which was a Domino's which I loooove though I try to limit as it's not the healthiest but I really wanted it today!

| Night time snack | 

At night I'm at my most snackish, so I did indulge in some mini eggs, because I need to get rid of the chocolate that is left in my house from Easter, it's taunting me, haha!

So that is everything I had for my first what I ate Wednesday, I think I'm going to continue this series if you guys like it? Also, let me know what you ate today! 

Edinburgh Travel Diary & Engagement story

For Christmas I booked for my boyfriend and I to go to Edinburgh for the weekend, and that weekend finally came at the end of February. So we set off on the early travel from Belfast (We had to go by boat because I'm not allowed to fly for a few more months due to health issues) to Scotland by boat and then got a coach the whole way to Edinburgh. 

We stayed in the Novotel and it was lovely and such a spacious room, plus the hotel had so many good facilities which were and added bonus!

On our first day we went to Edinburgh Dungeons which was so much fun, even though I was super scared! I did get picked on for some off the examples probably because I was the person screaming the loudest in our group! oops (PLUS THE FEAR IN MY FACE IN THE PICTURE ABOVE LOLS)

The city is so lovely and that evening we went to a nice little pub/restaurant for some food which was lovely but their customer service was horrendous, so we weren't very happy after the dinner, but exploring the cobble streets and seeing all the pretty buildings lit up at night time certainly put us back in good moods!

After some shopping and exploring we headed back to the hotel as it was getting late and we had been up super early, and that is when things took a more romantic turn.

I came out from getting a shower and Ed Sheeran, How would you feel was playing, along with some candles and flowers covering the room. For some reason I didn't click on as to what was happening and just thought my boyfriend was asking me to dance with him. That was until he got down on one knee and gave the most romantic speech (cue my tears) and asked me to marry him.


So it was safe to say the weekend away was off to a good start. The next day we travelled to Glasgow to see a football match along with a spot of shopping, then we had a lovely meal in Bella Italia back in Edinburgh. We don't have this back home in Northern Ireland so I have to visit the restaurant at any given chance. We had some drinks that night and just relaxed, taking in the beautiful scenery.

On Sunday we went to Krispy Kreme, which we also don't have back home so we took full advantage off. The last day of our trip we spent ducking in and out of stores from the rain and embracing the last of the beautiful city.

That afternoon our journey home began, and we left the city with another list of memories from another adventure, plus with an extra special memory that nows make Edinburgh a special place in our hearts.

February Favourites

A lot new things were purchased or gifted to me this month or at the end of December and I love a lot of them, I also didn't share a lot of what I got for Christmas with you or January favourites so this will give you more of an insight into everything I've been loving lately!

I let you go book
Image result for I let you go book
I am an open book lover, I thoroughly enjoy reading and i always have done. So when I got a lot of news books for Christmas I was so excited, although I've only read this one as I've been busy with moving and revising for my uni exams. This book is soooooo good, it is really captivating and the twist is just incredible if you love gone girl or girl on the train then you HAVE to read this.

Crosley Record Player
Image result for Crosley Record Player
My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and many of you will know I'm really into my music and I love so many genres so this bad boy has been constantly playing some of my favourite vinyls - LOVE IT!

Rimmel Scandeleyes mascara 

When I seen the advert for this I was super excited and Santa left it in my stocking so I was more than delighted to try! You can read my review for it here

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation 
Image result for Revlon Colorstay Foundation My cousin did my make up for me at the end of January and she used this foundation, and I basically fell in love. I've also seen a lot of Youtubers and other bloggers raving about this product lately so I know it's not just me. I LOOOOOOVE this, long lasting and really helps my dry skin!

No.7 Protect and Prevent Day Cream
Image result for No.7 Protect and Prevent Day Cream
I've used this product for about four months now, and I really don't know why I haven't mentioned it before. This stuff has revived my skin, and I religiously use it and I can really see the improvement in my skin, I'd recommend it to everyone!

The BRITS 2017

Image result for brits 2017

This awards show always creeps into my February favourites, I love music and watching this is always so much fun, plus Ed Sheran and Little Mix's performances were AMAZING!

EdinburghImage result for edinburgh
I literally only visited here, but it was an amazing trip and I'll be telling you a lot more about it next week in my Travel post! I definitely think everyone has to go here at some point. Plus I GOT ENGAGED :D

So that is my favourites of this month, let me know what you've been loving!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara Review

So I have been dying to get this new mascara for a while as I am obsessed with Rimmel products, but I usually can never find a mascara better than my Benefit Roller Lash. I got this from Santa yes that long ago! So I thought I would give it a try and share my thoughts with you guys.

 Firstly, I love the packaging, it's such a vibrant colour and I like the feeling of a bulkier product. Automatically I wasn't too fussed with the wand as it is so big, something I just find doesn't work the best with my lashes.

So this is all my before pictures, (please excuse my brows I got them done the next day!) I do naturally have long lashes, but I still need that extra volume to enhance them.

Then this is the result of the lashes with the mascara.

I did get a little bit on my eyelid which is probably because it's a larger brush, but they definitely lifted my lashes and made it really voluminous. As I got to night time the mascara was still in tact with no fall down, and my eyelashes looked the exact same as they did that morning.

I do really like this mascara I think I will use a smaller wand from an old mascara, just so it works through all my lashes, I would definitely recommend this to anyone, plus it retails at £6.99 which is a bargain!

Think I've found a new favourite.... 

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