The Five Emotions of Moving

So you may have seen on my Twitter recently that my boyfriend and I have moved out for the first time into our own house (hence the lack of blog posts), and while this is super exciting it is also been very stressful. Something I did not expect, scrap that we did not expect. So I thought I would share (and rant) with you some things no one tells you to expect when your moving and all the emotions that come with it.

As this was our first time moving we didn't really have the best idea of where to start. There are a lot of factors to consider, what location, our budget, is it close to our works, family etc. After all those decisions comes the confusion of which Real estate agent to go with or just figuring out simple things like rates.

This emotion is a hard one, because after all the confusion of deciding things and actually finding somewhere you can see yourselves, the rejection that comes with an offer is hard. This happened to us once, and I was really set on the house and was very upset when the offer was declined, especially when there is no reason given.

This was an emotion that carried on throughout the whole process, and I did not like it one bit! The whole not knowing or understanding what is happening along with university pressure and work, really just piled on top of me. Which is kind of obvious in the fact there has been very little content on my blog, but now I have wifi and uni pressure has ended so I can really concentrate on my blog again - YAY!

Along with the stress that comes with viewing houses and picking the ones you like, comes hope. This is the slightly happier emotion where we can get a little less stressed, and wait in anticipation for some answers or at the possibility of going and viewing a house that we think will be really nice.

This is the best emotion in this whole process. Fact. That call or email stating that the house is yours gives an overwhelming sense of joy and relief. The stress flies away (until the actual moving happens) and you can get happy/excited about the fact you've finally got your own place and you can start planning the next stage of the process.

Soooo that is my ramble on all the emotions that has happened during this moving process,  I think I might do a house tour post within the next couple of weeks, so let me know if you'd like to see that.

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