Edinburgh Travel Diary & Engagement story

For Christmas I booked for my boyfriend and I to go to Edinburgh for the weekend, and that weekend finally came at the end of February. So we set off on the early travel from Belfast (We had to go by boat because I'm not allowed to fly for a few more months due to health issues) to Scotland by boat and then got a coach the whole way to Edinburgh. 

We stayed in the Novotel and it was lovely and such a spacious room, plus the hotel had so many good facilities which were and added bonus!

On our first day we went to Edinburgh Dungeons which was so much fun, even though I was super scared! I did get picked on for some off the examples probably because I was the person screaming the loudest in our group! oops (PLUS THE FEAR IN MY FACE IN THE PICTURE ABOVE LOLS)

The city is so lovely and that evening we went to a nice little pub/restaurant for some food which was lovely but their customer service was horrendous, so we weren't very happy after the dinner, but exploring the cobble streets and seeing all the pretty buildings lit up at night time certainly put us back in good moods!

After some shopping and exploring we headed back to the hotel as it was getting late and we had been up super early, and that is when things took a more romantic turn.

I came out from getting a shower and Ed Sheeran, How would you feel was playing, along with some candles and flowers covering the room. For some reason I didn't click on as to what was happening and just thought my boyfriend was asking me to dance with him. That was until he got down on one knee and gave the most romantic speech (cue my tears) and asked me to marry him.


So it was safe to say the weekend away was off to a good start. The next day we travelled to Glasgow to see a football match along with a spot of shopping, then we had a lovely meal in Bella Italia back in Edinburgh. We don't have this back home in Northern Ireland so I have to visit the restaurant at any given chance. We had some drinks that night and just relaxed, taking in the beautiful scenery.

On Sunday we went to Krispy Kreme, which we also don't have back home so we took full advantage off. The last day of our trip we spent ducking in and out of stores from the rain and embracing the last of the beautiful city.

That afternoon our journey home began, and we left the city with another list of memories from another adventure, plus with an extra special memory that nows make Edinburgh a special place in our hearts.

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