What I ate Wednesday

I love these types of videos, probably because I'm so nosey! So I thought I would share via photos what I ate these particular day. 

| Breakfast | 

So I had two small pancakes, and an apple for breakfast. I am really trying to ensure that I'm having my five a day so today I got off to a good start, plus I'm loving pancakes at the moment - YUM! 

| Lunch |

For lunch I just had a baguette, I'm quite simple I don't like anything inside as I'm such a fussy eater! I also had a bottle of water with my lunch. 

| Afternoon Snack |

For my snack I had a fruit salad, and another bottle of water 

| Dinner | 

For dinner we had a naughty meal, which was a Domino's which I loooove though I try to limit as it's not the healthiest but I really wanted it today!

| Night time snack | 

At night I'm at my most snackish, so I did indulge in some mini eggs, because I need to get rid of the chocolate that is left in my house from Easter, it's taunting me, haha!

So that is everything I had for my first what I ate Wednesday, I think I'm going to continue this series if you guys like it? Also, let me know what you ate today! 

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