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It's that time again to share with you what I've been loving this month, plus I haven't done a monthly favourites in ages!! June has literally flown by, but it has been a very good month for me, I finished university, had my 22nd Birthday and wedding planning is in full swing. So I'm very excited for summer, as I have a lot of exciting blog projects coming up!

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette

This palette has featured in my favourites before but I've recently started using it again and becoming more adventurous with the colours that I'm using, and I've just been loving it!

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick and Lipliner

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I love Charlotte Tilbury products, and I have been constantly wearing this K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in the shade Penelope Pink, with the classic Pillow Talk lipliner that everyone loves. Little secret I'm pretty certain this lipstick will be the shade I have on my Wedding day!

Ted Baker Nail Varnish

I am obsessed with this colour which unfortunately doesn't have a name on the bottle, but I got it in the Ted Baker Christmas set from Boots. It is very feminine and long lasting and just perfect for this time of the year.

Spectrum brush

I got this brush in one of my birthday presents and I have been loving it for creating the perfect smokey eye! I'm just obsessed with Spectrum brushes.


This was a birthday present from my fiance and it's the type of planner I've wanted for ages, and it is a proper grown up one in my opinion - Plus it's rose gold and marble, my favvv combination! So I am sure you will see this in many Instagram flat lays in the future.

Love Island

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Summer is the sign of one thing for me, reality TV heaven! One of my favourite shows, and the majority of the UK's I think, is Love Island! I'm addicted and I've been live tweeting for most of the episodes, I  loooove Camila she is so cute, plus Marcel is blazzing ;) haha but he is lovely, can't wait to keep watching!

Pretty Little Liars

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I kind of expected a point to come when I would write about the eternal love and dedication I have had for this show, because it would be ending, and now well it is has and I don't know how to feel. 7 years, I've watched this show and it's officially over, and like many people I feel very disappointed with the ending as there was still confusion and questions left unanswered. I did enjoy some of it though and I'm glad it's over, no more torment.

So that is some of the stuff I've been loving this month, let me know what your favourite things have been.

30 before 30

Last week I turned 22 *queue some Taylor Swift lyrics*  and I have to admit, I feel old.  Not in the sense where people need to roll their eyes and say, "You're 22 not, 82." Yes I've my whole life ahead of me and all that jazz, but when I was a little girl I use to think people who where 22 were proper adults. 

Which I suppose I am, and this got me thinking that it's time to change the goals I have for life and be more of an adult, I mean it's not like meeting Harry Styles is my main goal in life anymore, although it would be a nice experience lol!

So over the past few days I created this list, 30 Before 30! 30 things I want to achieve before I hit the next big milestone birthday, I think it would be nice for the next eight birthdays I have to come back and check off the goals I've achieved.

[1] Get married

[2] Graduate from university

[3] Visit a new city each year

[4] Own a designer handbag

[5] Learn a new language

[6] Take a photography class

[7] Make a scrapbook of my Twenties 

[8] Run a marathon

[9] Go to Disneyland

[10] Learn to french braid hair

[11] Read more

[12] Become a better baker

[13] Kick my anxiety's ass

[14] Go to New York City

[15] Start a family

[16] Host a dinner party

[17] Blog twice a week (and stick to it)

[18] Go on a road trip

[19] Print off more photos

[20] See a show in the West End

[21] Learn to play piano

[22] Move to a new city

[23] Learn more about flowers 

[24] Write a book

[25] Save and buy a house

[26] Volunteer

[27] Go to a Spa and have a proper pamper session

[28] Get my dream job

[29] Host Christmas for all my family

[30] Travel for a full month

Some of these goals are a little more achievable than others, and some a lot more important than others, but the fun in making this list is actually pushing myself to try and complete it. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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