30 before 30

Last week I turned 22 *queue some Taylor Swift lyrics*  and I have to admit, I feel old.  Not in the sense where people need to roll their eyes and say, "You're 22 not, 82." Yes I've my whole life ahead of me and all that jazz, but when I was a little girl I use to think people who where 22 were proper adults. 

Which I suppose I am, and this got me thinking that it's time to change the goals I have for life and be more of an adult, I mean it's not like meeting Harry Styles is my main goal in life anymore, although it would be a nice experience lol!

So over the past few days I created this list, 30 Before 30! 30 things I want to achieve before I hit the next big milestone birthday, I think it would be nice for the next eight birthdays I have to come back and check off the goals I've achieved.

[1] Get married

[2] Graduate from university

[3] Visit a new city each year

[4] Own a designer handbag

[5] Learn a new language

[6] Take a photography class

[7] Make a scrapbook of my Twenties 

[8] Run a marathon

[9] Go to Disneyland

[10] Learn to french braid hair

[11] Read more

[12] Become a better baker

[13] Kick my anxiety's ass

[14] Go to New York City

[15] Start a family

[16] Host a dinner party

[17] Blog twice a week (and stick to it)

[18] Go on a road trip

[19] Print off more photos

[20] See a show in the West End

[21] Learn to play piano

[22] Move to a new city

[23] Learn more about flowers 

[24] Write a book

[25] Save and buy a house

[26] Volunteer

[27] Go to a Spa and have a proper pamper session

[28] Get my dream job

[29] Host Christmas for all my family

[30] Travel for a full month

Some of these goals are a little more achievable than others, and some a lot more important than others, but the fun in making this list is actually pushing myself to try and complete it. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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