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Well it's been a long while since I've written a post like this, and a lot has changed in the past few months, so I think it's only fair I share everything with you guys so you can maybe understand why blogging has taken a back seat lately.

My health has been a constant battle over the past couple of years, my mental health will be a continuous struggle but I'm coming to grips with my demons and triggers and how to handle my anxiety and panic attacks. My other health issue that I've briefly mentioned before which will now be lifelong is finally starting to be easier to deal with, I'm on Warrfin medication (blood thinning) which has to always be balanced and monitored, but it's starting to stabilise!

I have finally finished University wooooop! and although most graduation ceremonies happen at the beginning of Summer, mine isn't until the 1st of September, so you can look forward to the essential gown and cap pictures in a few weeks. This is a major stress of my shoulder, uni got really hard when my health deteriorated but I persevered and kicked ass and got a 2:1 *insert happy dancing*

Also, and this is quite possibly my favourite update I GOT A FULL TIME JOB!!! Yes the first job interview I went to since finishing University, and I got it! Baring in mind my experience is limited but clearly my degree has came to it's good use and I have gotten the job of my dreams. Oh, and bonus to this is that I got to quit my retail job! [HALLELUJAH] 

The final update is that wedding planning is in full swing and I have many posts coming up in the next few months, showing my hacks and D.I.Y.s to make things a lot easier for us brides/grooms to be!

So blogging is taking a front seat and I'm excited to share all the new things happening in my life with you all! 

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