My top 10 TV Series

Let's face it, we now live in a world were the majority of our time is spent thinking about a programme, binge watching said programme, and wishing our favourite characters were some how real and our bestfriends or love interests! So I though it was only right to share the top 10 TV series that I've obsessed, or still am obsessing about.. 

Gilmore Girls (including the revival) 

This is one of the first TV shows I remember being hooked as a young teenager, I use to come home from school and obsess over Rory Gilmore and her smartness, and the quick wit of her charming mother Lorelai. Not to mention I think we all wanted to live in Stars Hallow at one point! 

Plus when the revival came out on Netflix last year the large hole was filled for those joyous moments and I reallllly hope that there will be more I mean they can't just end like that!

One Tree Hill

Another show that I think everyone loved, but it really did cement some of the traits that I now have. I mean Brooke Davis is one of my all time favourite TV characters, and we all wanted the kinda epic love story that Lucas and Peyton had, and the adorable family life like Hayley and Nathan. 

Game of Thrones

I love this show and I dread when it ends, I have actually had the privilege of seeing a lot of the places they shoot as it is my hometown. I've read all the books and I'm thoroughly enjoying this current series, and Daenerys is my favourite character. 

Greys Anatomy 

I don't understand how I only started watching this show last year, considering how much I love it, I have binged watched all the episodes, and I'm not afraid to admit that I have started re-watching some of the earlier episodes again! I'm so excited for Season 15!

Hart of Dixie

This is another show I didn't watch until it was over, and now I want it to continue it was soooo good! I love Lemon and all the actors in this show are fab. 

Pretty Little Liars

This show has been a huge part of my later teens and young adult life, it gripped me from the beginning, while the ending was receieved with mixed views, it will still be one of my all time favourite shows.


I love shows that are based around law and this show is something that me and my fiance first bonded over so it holds a special premis in my heart. Very witty and so addictive, will always be a favourite. 

Gossip Girl

Another show that took me right through my teenage years, it teaches you a lot about life and fashion, plus who doesn't sill quote Blair Waldorf in 2017? 

Sons of Anarchy 

This is just incredible, and I still haven't got over the fact the show is over. If someone hasn't watched this, then I demand they must - it's just that good!!

Designated Survivor

This is definitely one of the newer additions to my favourite shows, it always ends on a cliff hanger, leaving me wanting more and more. I recommend this to everyone, it's a very good show on politics and the dirt behind the scenes. 

So that is my top 10 TV series to watch and I could probably keep adding more! (Yes I am a TV addict)  

Let me know what your favourite shows are in the comments below.

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